Xing is a Hamburg (Germany) based career-oriented or professional social network. It helps you to connect with the recruiter, other professionals but mostly within Germany. You can also search for the jobs in Xing.

Why Xing is important like LinkedIn?

You can find many Germany recruiters in Xing. In a few cases, people who don’t have LinkedIn will be having an account in Xing. Xing helps you a lot during a job search.

You can use Xing for the below reasons.

  • To search for a job
  • To search for a recruiter or other persons (it’s very useful to find the gender so that you can write the correct solution in an email or in the cover letter)
  • To find the designation of a person
  • To connect with other professionals

Contacting HR in Xing

Xing is sometimes a very good platform to contact HR while applying for a job. For example, if there are multiple vacancies in a company, you can contact the HR in Xing (some of them reply) and explain your situation.


Do not contact all the HRs without any correct purpose.

My own experience

When I was applying for a job at ZF Group, I have found 2 vacancies. I don’t want to apply for both the vacancies. So I have applied for only one position. I have then searched for the HR name for the second position in Xing and I have contacted them. Luckily I have received a reply and everything went positive.


Do not contact without any proper reason and also without any preparation. In case if you would like to contact any HR, write a short text with complete details.

Sample Xing profile

Updating a Xing profile with important details, experiences, skills, achievements, etc. are very important. You can also mention your expected salary, employment status and dream employer if necessary.


I would recommend adding a very good professional photo in the Xing profile. It gives a good impression on the recruiters.

Head hunters

It is also possible to get many job opportunities through head hunters through Xing. That is also a main reason why you should mention your skills and explain about your experience in detail.

Premium account

There is also a premium account in Xing. You can find all the persons who have visited your profile. You can also find how they found your profile. You can also find the salary details.

Click here to read in detail.

My recommendation

I will not recommend the premium plan. I personally feel that it is not much useful. It is useful only to find a salary. But there are few other websites where we can find it for free.

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