If you have read my previous post, you might have understood the necessity of this post. In case, if you haven’t, do read my previous post “Animal husbandry labelling – Things to know before buying meat”, click here or the below image to access it.

You might also have a question about buying good quality meat. I will explain it in this post. You can buy the meat from:

  • Weekly market
  • Butcher shop

Weekly market

Weekly markets are available in almost all cities. It’s possible to get fresh meat from the weekly market. Not all the meat in the weekly market is good. So it’s necessary to know the best meat seller. It is also better to speak with the local people to get the information regarding the good seller.

It is also possible to get detailed information regarding the meat which they are selling. They are obliged to give you the information or you can find the information on the display of their shop.

How to find the market near me?

You can find the information about the weekly market from your city official website. You can search with the German word “Wochenmarkt”.

Apart from that, you can also get information from this website. but unfortunately not all the details are available.

Butcher shop

The butcher shops (Metzgerei in German word) are located in almost all the cities and it is quite easy to find them. It’s also possible to buy good meat from the butcher. However, it is also important to know about the meat which they are selling. So, it is better to make some research before buying the meat.

Origin of the meat

It is possible for you to get the details about the origin of the meat. If the butcher shop has a website, it is also sometimes possible to see from which place the comes from and also the details about the supplier. If you prefer to eat fresh and local meat from your region, then the weekly market or butcher shop would be an option.


The meat from the weekly market and the butcher are costlier than the meat from the supermarket. Sometimes (or maybe most of the times), it is worth the extra price as there will be a difference in the quality of the meat.

My experience

I have seen that the chicken, cows were grown up in the fresh air. Those animals are not in a closed room and have access to the outside climate. You can also look at that in the below video. The taste of those meats is different from the one which we buy from the supermarket. However, there is also a huge price difference.