The amount for the blocked account in increasing every year and it is 10332 Euro per year. Sometimes, it is not so easy for the students and also their family to support financially for the complete studies. So it is necessary for the students to do some part-time jobs and save money to show in the blocked account for the next year.

In this post, I would like to share my experience of how I had got the visa extension without the blocked account.

Blocked account

If you would like to know about the blocked account and also how to open a blocked account, click the below link to get details.

Visa extension without a blocked account

There are few possibilities to extend your student visa without a blocked account.

  • Work contract
  • Sponsor

Work contract

If you have a work contract and if the salary meets the minimum blocked amount eligibility, then you can show the work contract to do a visa extension. That means, it is not necessary to show the amount in your account and it is not necessary to have it like a blocked account. The most common acceptable contracts are internship contract, working student (werkstudent) contract, thesis contract, etc.

I’m not sure if the foreign office accepts a part-time job contract. You should check this with your local foreign office.

Visa validity

If you have a contract for 6 months, then you will get only a visa for 6 months. If you have a letter from a company stating that the contract will be extended after the current contract, then there are possibilities to get visa for a long time. But it is always based on the person who is processing your document in the foreign office.


It is also possible that someone sponsors your stay. That means, if you have a friend or family members who are working in Germany and they earn enough money to support you, then it is possible to show them as a sponsor. In this case, you do not need money on your blocked account.

It is necessary to submit a commitment declaration (Verpflichtungserklärung) to the foreign office to get the visa extension. Kindly approach your foreign office for further detailed information.

Is it good to borrow money from friends for a blocked account?

No, it is not good to borrow money from friends for a blocked account. There are a few reasons.

  • You may have to submit the transaction statement from the bank while doing a visa extension. So it is quite easy to find that you have received or deposited a huge amount.
  • If you have blocked your account, then it is not possible to give back the money to your friends.
  • In case, if you do not block the amount and if you transfer the money back to your friends, there are possibilities to get some issues.

Foreign office in Germany do not encourage such activities and it may lead to big issues. So show valid financial support to get the visa without any issues.

My experience

I was doing my internship and then working student (werkstudent) followed by the master thesis. So I have shown blocked account only for the first year. I have used my job contract from the second year till finishing my master studies.

Visa validity

Visa duration was always based on the date on the contract. If I had the contract for 6 months, I got the visa only for 6 months.