I have summarised all the important information regarding the travel during covid from Germany to India and India to Germany on this post. I hope that it helps the travellers to find all the information on a single page.

What you can expect from this post?

You can also find the following information from the links given on this post.

  1. Covid test facilities in Germany and India
  2. Covid test experience in Germany and India
  3. Registration information – Travel to India and Germany
  4. Links for the online registration – Travel to India and Germany
  5. Step by step covid test information
  6. Step by step travel information
  7. Travel experience, etc

To be short, you can read the post and use the given links for the registration. This will helps you with hassle-free travel.

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Covid test and other information

You can get the important information related to the covid test, step by step process, money-saving tips, etc from the below links.

Frequently asked questions – Answers with the official link

Travel from Germany to India

You can read the travel experience by me and my friends from Germany to India and also online application details, links, etc.

Travel from India to Germany

You can read my travel experience from India to Germany from the below link. It has also the detailed stey by step process which I have followed.


The below posts helps you to get some idea about the quarantine in Germany. I hope that it clarifies some of your doubts.

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