Compensation for the delayed arrival of the train

In Deutsche Bahn, it is possible to get compensation if the train has arrived late at the destination. Read the details on the Deutsche Bahn website. It is also applicable to the IC bus and euro night trains.

You have to fill the Passenger Rights Claim Form (Fahrgastrechte-Formular) and send it to the address mentioned in that form. It is also possible to get this form from the train station and submit thereafter filling it up.


  1. If your train is delayed you will get this certification from the Deutsche Bahn information (BD Information) or from the Deutsche Bahn booking office.

  1. You should fill the Fahrgastrechte-formular.

Documents to send

You should send or submit the original receipts of the following documents.

  • Passenger Rights Claim Form
  • Ticket (If you booked in an app, you can submit a printout)
  • Hotel bill
  • Taxi bill
  • Alternative train ticket
Address to send

As of 10.10.2020, you should send the documents to the below address. Check the Deutsche Bahn website for the latest info.

DB Dialog
Servicecenter Fahrgastrechte
60647 Frankfurt am Main.

  1. Once you sent the documents, it will be processed and you will get a letter with the amount which will be refunded to your bank account.

Delayed time

  • Reached the destination train station after 60 minutes
    • You will receive compensation of 25 percent of the fare which you have paid for the single journey
  • Reached the destination train station after 120 minutes
    • You will receive compensation of 50 percent of the fare which you have paid for the single journey.


If you have booked a 2-way ticket, then the compensation is calculated on the basis of half the fare which you have paid.

Travel with the other trains

If it is expected that you will arrive at the destination at least 20 minutes late, you can choose one of the below options.

  • Continue traveling on the same route or another route with the earliest train connection.
  • Continue the journey at a later time which could reduce the arrival delay at the destination station.
  • Use another train that does not require a reservation.

If you have a ticket for local transport (RE, RB, IRE and S-Bahn) but want to use long-distance trains like IC, EC, ICE, then you must buy the additional ticket or the Pay extra. You can claim the extra costs using the passenger rights form.


  • This is not applicable to discounted tickets like Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket, regional tickets (Länder-Tickets).
  • It is applicable only for the destination printed on your ticket. It is not valid if you have booked separate tickets.

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