Picking the fruits from the trees or plants is the best thing ever we can do in Germany. There are several reasons behind that. One of the main reasons is that we will get to know from where we are getting the fruits and also in which condition. Obviously, if we are allowed to pick the fruits, we will select only the best fruits.

Pick strawberry by yourself in Germany

Visiting farm

Visiting a farm is one of the wonderful feelings. It gives us much pleasure and it will be too relaxing. It is not so easy to visit the farmland without proper permission. But it is possible to visit the strawberry farm directly and pick the strawberries from the plants.

Fun for children

In general, you can go with your family and have a great time in the field. It will be a very good experience for the children. They will surely love to do it. Children can also pluck the strawberries which will be surely a fun-filled day for them.

Things to do

In general, if you go for strawberry picking, you should have the boxes to collect it. You will not get it from them. It may also vary based on the field. So it is better to check the information from the field. You can get a list of websites to find the farm near your place.

Take a box or cover with you

It is good to have a basket with a handle so that it will be easy carry it throughout the field.

Weigh the box or cover, if necessary

If you have a box, it is necessary to do the initial weight.

Pick strawberry

Pick strawberry from the allocated place.

Final weight

Weigh the strawberries.


In general, cash payment. So, make sure to take enough money (both in coins and notes)

Finding ripe fruits

Finding ripe fruits is not so difficult. They will be red in color till the top and you don’t see white color spots near to the green leaves. Apart from that, if you pluck it comes easily in your hand.

Farm near you

If you do not find anything near to your place from the above links, search in google with the keyword “erdbeer selbst pflücken in der nähe”. There might be some fields near to you.

Best month

In general, you can pick strawberries from May to August. June and July could be the peak time and you can pick very good and tasty strawberries. It is good to check the respective website for the strawberry availability in the field if your travel distance is more.

Don’ts in the field

  • Pluck the strawberry only in the area allocated to you
  • Do not eat strawberries in the field without weighing
  • Do not pluck and throw away the fruits

My experience

I have picked strawberry last year (2020) and it was a very great experience. We had a box with us to collect strawberries. We have plucked the strawberries in “wäschenbeuren”. The taste of the strawberry was very good and it was juicy. It was totally different from the one which we get from the supermarket.

You can find more interesting details and also tips for self-plucking the strawberry from our YouTube video.

What can you do with the strawberries?

Apart from eating strawberries, you can also make jam and cakes. If you go to the field, you may also see people who are bringing big baskets and plucking more than 3 to 4 kilograms of strawberries.

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