It is good to submit the cover letter while sending your old passport for the passport renewal. You can use this cover letter with the recipient’s contact information so that it is not necessary to write the address on the main envelope.

You can just copy and edit this sample invitation letter.

  • Red font texts – To be changed
  • Black font texts – Not necessary to change

Kindly replace the red font once you have finished editing. Submit the document only in black font.

Sample Cover letter

Indisches General konsulat
Widenmayerstraße 15
80538 München

Sub: Passport renewal

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am hereby submitting the application for my passport renewal. I have attached the necessary documents as mentioned in the checklist for the passport renewal. Kindly feel free to contact me in case of any further questions.

Mobile No.: +49 *** *********
Email: ********

Pincode Place

Please find the enclosed documents.

  1. Filled Passport application form
  2. One copy of front and last page of the Passport
  3. Copy of Aufenthaltstitel
  4. Copy of Meldebescheinigung
  5. Receipt of fee
  6. Original Passport
  7. Medium size envelope for passport delivery

Best regards
First name Last name

Word document

I have also uploaded the word document. This letter was prepared using MS word 2013. If you use any other version, kindly copy and paste the above text to eliminate the alignment errors.

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