Most of you have this question…

Should I have to quit the current job and search for a new job in Germany?

Too many of you might think that whether it is the correct time to find a job in Germany or not. If you are also one among them, then you can find the information here. There are some domains that have job openings and some not.


I would say a big NO. Due to the technological change and also other reasons, mechanical braches don’t have many job openings at this point in time.

There are also too many companies which are already laying off the employees. Apart from that, there are too many employees working for a short time. So this is not the correct time for getting a job with a mechanical background.

Electrical, Electronics & Mechatronics

Due to technological change, these domains have also good opportunities in Germany. We can’t generalize the career options for this domain but there are good demands for some specific roles. Use the website mentioned in this link to find the opportunities for you.


There are too many demands for software engineers in Germany. Although the markets are not so good now, there is also recruitment for the software domain.

But it is important to analyze the job related to your experience before quitting your current job. Use the online recruitment portals mentioned in this link to find the jobs.

If you have the experience in developing the software for the mechanical, then you may also have good opportunities.


The job market is Germany not good now. There are several reasons for that. So do not take risks now by quitting your current job in your home country.

I’m not an expert in all the domains, so based on your domain and experience, you may or may not find a job at this time. Use the link which I have mentioned above to find the jobs which are relevant to you.

Since this is the pandemic situation there are also too many delays and issues in getting visa. So be patience and think wisely before making any decision. There might be good opportunities in the future (maybe from 2022).

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