I have seen some posts in Facebook that few people are interested to come to Germany in December in job seeker visa (JSV).

How is the job market in Germany?

This could be a most common question for all the job seekers. In one of my pervious post I have mentioned that some certain domains have good opportunities in Germany.

If you haven’t read that post, below is the link.

Time for the job change?

So, coming to the point… In my opinion and experience, December is not a correct time to come to Germany in a job seeker visa.

There are several reasons.

Month of Christmas and Christmas vacation

Most of the companies will not hire many employees during Christmas time. Reason is so simple, many of the employees will be in vacation from 23rd of December till 6th of December. Most of us will be in vacation mood One week before the Christmas and one week after the new year. Some people may also take their holidays during this time. So there will be much interviews comparing to other months.

You can find the best months to apply for a job in Germany in the below link.

Best months to apply for a job in Germany

Loss for job seekers

If you are coming to Germany for job search in December, I would say that you will loose your money and your precious time.


You have to pay for accommodation and food which is too costly in Germany.

Apart from this, since it’s a winter it’s also necessary to buy winter dresses, jackets and other accessories. This will also costs you extra.

It doesn’t mean that the weather will be good after January but you will atleast get some more vacancies and job interviews which will help you to land in a job easily.

Time loss

Since you are coming in job seeker visa, the 6 months are so precious. Even a single non productive week may lead to big issues in getting a job.


You may apply for many jobs but you won’t get any proper reply. This will spoil your positive attitude towards job search in Germany. You may sometimes feel not so motivated.

If you loose one month in December and half month in January, you may feel pressure to get a job in rest of the 4 and half months. In most of the cases, interview process takes at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Check the interview process in Germany from the below link.

Interview Process in Germany

If you feel pressure, your performance in the interview might not be good which in terms leads to rejection.

By taking into account from all the above mentioned facts, kindly think well before taking any decisions.

Good luck for all the job seekers ?

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