Some students may like to change their university after getting the visa or after getting a visa for a particular university. They may have a dilemma whether it’s possible or not. If you want to have a clear idea, then read this post.


It’s common that almost every student applies to more than one university. Results of those universities will not be published at the same time. That means the admission approval letter or the email may reach you at different dates or months depending on the university.

Visa application

In the above-mentioned case, it’s good to apply for a visa with the admission letter which you have received.

If you get the admission from any other university, then you can wait till you get the visa. There is no need to cancel the ongoing visa process. This situation happens mostly because of the delay in getting admission from your dream university or course.


The visa which you get in your home country is to enter Germany for the study purposes. It’s not based on a particular university. That means you are free to join any university in Germany if you have the admission.

Blocked account

If you have mentioned your university name while opening a blocked account, it will not be any issues. It is still possible to use the same blocked account for another university. A blocked account is independent of the university.


If you would like to enrol at another university, you have to just follow the rules and regulations which they have mentioned. Sometimes it’s necessary to send them the confirmation.


If you have received the visa and also decided to join another university then it’s better to inform the first university that you will not join due to another admission. This might help someone else to get that admission.

Arrival in Germany

You can directly book a ticket to the airport which is near to your university or you can choose the airport whichever you like. There are no restrictions.

Still in confusion?

If you are still in confusion whether to believe this or not, do not worry. There are few students who came to Germany and joined another university. I have written this post based on the experience of others.