There are no campus recruitments in Germany and the students should search for the internships and jobs by themself. Most of the students will feel difficult to know the process and to gather other relevant information. In most of the universities, there will be a department to get career guidance.

Career guidance

It is mostly called as Ausbildungszentrum (ABZ). The name might differ based on the university. This is one of the important places where you can get information. If you don’t find that, get in contact with your university foreign office. They will surely guide you.

To get a job easily after studies, it’s necessary to have experience. I have explained that in the below post. Read this post to be proactive to get a job easily after your studies.


Ausbildungszentrum provides free services for the students. There may also provide more services. Kindly check that with your university.

  • Correcting curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Correcting cover letter
  • Consulting and guidance related to the interview

What you should do?

  • Prepare CV and cover letter
  • Book an appointment

It is sometimes difficult to get an appointment all of a sudden, so you have to preplan before few weeks or sometimes months. To utilize this opportunity, it is very important that you should also prepare your documents prior to the appointment.

They will just correct your CV and cover letter but they won’t create or translate completely for you. You should put 100% effort and prepare a resume and cover letter by yourself. There are plenty of websites to get guidance.

Curriculum vitae and cover letter

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