There are too many vineyards in the lake constance (bodensee) region. So there are some wine manufacturers in this region where we get good quality of wine.

There are some wine related festivals or events in this region. There are also possibilities to hike (trekking) in the vineyards with the prior permission. There will be also predefined appointes for several events. Kindly check the appropriate website for details. Apart form that it is also possible to do wine tasting.

Wine tasting

I had an opportunity to taste 6 different types of wine with some typical german breads. That was really awesome and I love that very much.

The place where I have tasted wine is in Winzerverein Hagnau e.G. It is located in Hagnau am Bodensee. I have also visited their wine storage in keller which was really awesome.

Wine tasting:

Address: Winzerverein Hagnau e.G.
Strandbadstraße 7 D-88709 Hagnau

Apart from this there are some other places where you can taste wine and also visit the wine storage facility (keller).


I would suggest you to use the public transport or taxi to reach this place because it will not be safe to drive a car after tasting the wines.

Since bodensee region is an important tourist destination, there are possibilites that police checks for the people who drink and drive.

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