According to Robert Koch-Institut, India is on the list of “area of variant of concern” and it was previously on the list of high-risk countries (high incidence area). Therefore there is a travel ban from the passengers coming from India. However, this travel ban is not applicable to everyone, there are also a few exemptions. This post is for the general awareness of the people who are dilemma due to the current travel ban. You can find the official links for each section to ensure that the information is correct.

Travel ban

Since India is in high-risk countries (high incidence area), there is a restriction for travelers from India to Germany. There is no complete ban on travel. There are some exemptions.


Who can travel to Germany?

Here is some general information for the different types of visa holders. Currently, the following people are allowed to travel from India to Germany.

  • People who are residents in Germany
  • People with a valid residence permit
  • The German citizens and their direct family members like spouse, child, etc.

Few other special cases are eligible to travel to Germany from India. Check the information provided by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.

Students whose course of study is not fully possible from India and who are entering Germany to obtain qualifications, if their qualification program is not fully possible from India are allowed to travel to Germany. In general, it is not easy for the new students to travel to Germany in the present situation.

Transit in Germany

The passengers who have their transit in Germany and do not leave the transit zone of an international airport are allowed to travel from India. However, they should strictly follow the test rules suggested by Germany.

Reference: Federal Foreign Office

Test requirements for transit passengers

Passengers who have their transit in Germany should also comply with the test rules. They should also have the covid-19 negative certificate before departure.

Reference: Federal Ministry of Health – FAQ

Is it good to booking, reschedule, or cancel flights?

Booking a flight

Booking a new ticket at this present condition is not advisable. But if you meet any of the requirements which are mentioned on the official website, you can book a ticket. It is better to speak with the airlines before booking.

Canceling or rescheduling a flight

Many people who have booked their flight tickets to India may think, whether it is good to cancel or reschedule the flight ticket. In my opinion, it is not clear when the current situation will become normal. So, it is definitely not worth canceling or rescheduling the flights. Because if you cancel or reschedule the flight, you will lose your money. You will get the possibility to book later for the same price if the airlines reschedule the flights.

If you do not meet the requirements mentioned by the German government, it is better to call the airlines and clarify with them. Do not decide anything by yourself. It may lead to loss of money.

Covid test requirements

All the passengers who are entering Germany by flight should have a covid-19 negative report before departure. It is applicable to all the passengers regardless of the risk area. The test should be done within 48 before entering Germany. For example, if you reach Germany by 28.04.2021 at 07:00 am, then you should take the test on 26.04.2021 at 07:00 am or later.

This rule was effective since 30.03.2021 and it is applicable untill end of 12.05.2021 (as of 26.04.2021). It may subjects to change.

Test exemption

  • Children below six years are exempted from the above rules.

Reference: Federal Ministry of Health

Recognized tests

The following tests are recognized.

  • Nucleic acid amplification techniques (PCR, LAMP, TMA)
  • Antigen tests for the direct detection of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus
  • Rapid antigen tests which fulfill the minimum criteria recommended by WHO


Test report format and language

The test reports should be in paper or electronic form. Below is the language which is accepted in Germany for the covid-19 test report.

  • English
  • German
  • French

Reference: Federal Foreign Office

How long should you have the test report?

It is advised to have the test result for at least 10 days after entering Germany. But I would suggest having till the end of your quarantine in Germany.

Reference: Federal Foreign Office

Travel information

The travelers from India should do the following things.

Read complete information about travel from India to Germany by clicking the below link.

Health authority

To find the responsible health authourity near to your place, you can open this link and enter your postal code.


The penalty for violating the online registration or the quarantine requirements can lead to a fine of up to 25000 €.

Reference: German Missions in India

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