Most of us know that there will be a delay in reaching our destination while we travel in a Deutsche Bahn. But most of us don’t know what are the rights we have to get the compensation. I have explained it in detail with a sample application form.

Kindly read the below information before continue reading this post. This gives you a clear idea.

I would like to share what has happened to me.

Train delay

I was traveling from one Essen Oldenburg to Illertissen with a Deutsche Bahn with the night train. The train has arrived at Essen Oldenburg at the correct time. There was some problem with the train engine and there was a delay while I have reached some train station in NRW.

The train has reached Cologne (Köln) central station at late night and the problem with the train engine was not rectified. So the passengers were instructed to approach the Deutsche Bahn information.


The taxi was arranged for the people who don’t have the train connections to reach their destination nearby Cologne. Deutsche Bahn bare the taxi cost. It is necessary to submit the receipt. Check the above mentioned like for the details.

Alternative train

Few passengers got the alternative trains to reach their destination or to get the next connection train. There were no extra charges and they were allowed to use high-speed trains like ICE (long-distance trains).

Free hotel stay

Few people got the free hotel stay. I am also one among them.

What I have understood was, we can’t choose to stay in a hotel. The personnel in Deutsche Bahn will look at the opportunities to arrange alternative trains. They will book a hotel for us only if there are no good train connections or there will be too much complex for the passengers to reach the destination.

In my case, I have to travel from Illertissen to my place by bus. So I got an opportunity to stay at the hotel with breakfast. I have received a hotel voucher (gutschein). The hotel was near to the central station, which was 10 meters away, so I went there on a walk.

If the hotel is far away from the central station, then Deutsche Bahn will pay for the taxi too. This includes also the travel back to the train station in the morning.

The next day morning I had breakfast and checked out the hotel. There was no restriction on the timing. But it is necessary to check out before the check out time. Otherwise, you should bear the costs.

I went to Deutsche Bahn to get the ticket to travel to my destination. I have received the ticket for an ICE train and I have reached my destination.

Sending the documents

I have noted all the timings. Once I have reached my home, I have filled the “passenger rights claim form” (click here for the sample form) and sent it through Post.

You can also submit the documents in DB Information or DB booking or service point.

Delay in receiving money

There was too much delay in receiving the money. So I have called Deutsche Bahn. They have confirmed that they have received my documents and it will be processed.

Letter from Deutsche Bahn

I have received a letter of confirmation that my train was delayed by 1752 minutes and they will transfer the amount to my bank account. I have received the money after approximately 2 and a half months.

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