As we know, electricity is one of the basic necessity for our home. In general, it is our responsibility to get the electricity contract while renting a house in Germany. It is a new experience for me in Germany to get a contract for electricity from various providers. The price of electricity also differs from each other providers.

I would like to share my experience in this post why it is good to terminate the electricity contract periodically.

Electricity contract

In most cases, it is possible to get the electricity contract as per our wish. The most common duration for the electricity contract in Germany is for one year or two years.

After getting the electricity contract for the first time in Germany, most of us do not think much about changing the electricity provider. There are several reasons behind that,

  • we don’t know that we can save money
  • our ignorance
  • we do not know the complete procedure

Contract period

In general, the price guarantee is only for 1 or 2 years based on the contract. Once the current contract gets over, the monthly price of the electricity will be more than before. So, it is good to terminate the current contract at the correct time to save money.

Why it is good to terminate the contract?

The most important reason why it’s good to terminate the contract is that the price of the electricity increases after the current contract period. That means the price which you pay now is only for the current contract duration the price is guaranteed only for those specific months. The price increases automatically after the current contract duration.

Contract termination

The most traditional way to terminate the electricity contract is by sending a post. However, there are also possibilities to terminate the contract via email. Termination will not be accepted by all the providers. Kindly check with your electricity provider for further details.

Contract termination notice period

The contract termination period also varies based on your contract and the service provider. The most common termination periods are 1 month and also for 6 weeks.

That means, your contract termination letter, email, etc should reach them before the last date. If you sent the contract termination even after one day, they may not accept it. In this case, the existing contract will be renewed automatically and you can’t do anything against that. You have to just have the contract for another 6 months or 1 year based on the service provider.

Contract termination confirmation

You should receive a contract termination from the electricity provider. In case, if you didn’t get it within 2 weeks, contact your electricity provider to enquire about your contract termination. Sometimes the letter may not be delivered. In that case, you should send a letter again or follow the instruction provided by the electricity provider.

In my other post, I will explain step by step procedure to get a new electricity contract and also its advantages.