I’m happy to share about our experience in staying at a 3 star hotel in Germany. The details of the hotel are below.

Check in

Since we have booked online the check in was so simple and it took approximately 2 minutes. We have received a breakfast voucher while check-in.

Breakfast Voucher
Breakfast Voucher in Super 8 by Wyndham

We had really good impression about the neatness of the hotel. It was so neat everywhere and the green colour ambience in the hotel room and the entrance was so pleasant.

Buffet food

We were so happy to have a buffet in this restaurant. In most of the hotel there were no buffet due to the present situation (corona).

We have handed over the breakfast voucher at the entrance of the restaurant. In this hotel it was mandatory to wear the gloves while taking food from the buffet.

We have received plates in our table. I think it is not normal and it is also because of the present situation. The buffet had good variety of foods which includes few tpes of breads, food was so tasty and also fresh.

We have share our experience in a YouTube video. Kindly watch it to have a detailed information.

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Parking in the hotel parking is too costly. It is 15 euros per day.

Free Parking

There are plenty of parking slots available around (front and back) the hotel. If there are no parking places available at the front and back, you can park your hotel after 1 or 2 streets and walk to the hotel. It is not too far to walk to the hotel.

There are plenty of places infront of the hotel to unload your luggage before parking.