It is not so easy to find many street foods in Germany. There are markets but those are different from the street foods.


We had an opportunity to go to a place and have a street food in Germany. This place is located in Markdorf. Markforf is a small town near to Bodenseekreis district which is in Baden-Wuerttemberg state.


There were different varaites of foods here. Few varaities are,

  • Indian food
  • German food
  • French food
  • Hungarian food
  • Mexican food
  • Belgium food


German name – Baumstriezel

Hungarian name – Kürtőskalács

It is a kind of cake. Although it is named as cake, it is not similar to the taste of cake. It has a totally different taste.

The dough is made of flour, yeast, eggs, sugar, salt, butter, milk. There are different toppings for this food. The one which we have bought is made of nuts, almonds, etc.


Almost everyone who likes food which are made of dough, will definitely like this too.


Crepes are famous in some European countries as well as North America, North Africa, etc.

Batters for the crepes consists of butter, milk, water, eggs, flour, salt, and sugar. Batter looks like a dosa butter with different ingridients.

Batters for the crepes consists of butter, milk, water, eggs, flour, salt, and sugar. It is possible to prepare crepes and choose a different variety of fillings. The most famous filling is with nutella, powdered sugar, cinnamon and sugar.



Käsespätzle is a typical German food which is more famous in south germany. It is very difficult to find in the other parts of germany.

Hot spätzle and grated cheese are layered alternately and put in oven until the cheese are melted. Atlast it will be served with fried onions.

The type of käse spätzle which we had in the street food is made of spinach.


Have a look at this video about the street food and let us know your opinion in the comments.

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