All the students who are coming to Germany for their studies should apply to their desired universities. Sometimes it will be quite challenging due to the lack of information. You can get the information regarding searching for universities, the official German website to search for universities, etc.

  • Bachelor studies in Germany
  • Master studies in Germany

Searching the universities

Due to technological development, there are several possibilities to search and find the university details from the internet. Here are some of the simple methods to search for a German university.

  • Official websites
  • Other websites
  • University list

Official websites

There are few official websites where you can get almost all the important information and also the university details.

Other websites

You can get the similar information from few other websites too.

University list

You can have a look at this website, if you would like to get the list of universities which are sorted based on the course.

How to shortlist the universities?

It is important that you should be organized to sort out the universities to eliminate the big mess. Otherwise, you will not have an overview of the sorted university list. Here are some of the suggestions which could work well for you.

  • Think about the courses which you are interested to study
  • Search with the keyword in one or all the above-mentioned websites
  • Collect the university list based on your qualification and save it as a list. (It is better to prepare an excel document or in any other format with the available technology.)
    • It is better to collect the university name, course URL, course details, tuition fees, etc


Do not sort out the universities for which you are not eligible. For example: if a course needs 3 years of work experience but you are a fresher, do not waste time and money by applying to that university.

Is it worth paying for the university list?

There are several consultancies charging money for sorting out the university list for the students. Those were also mostly filtered from the above-mentioned websites. In my opinion, it is not at all worth paying money for getting the university lists. Moreover, it is always advised to do these preparations on your own, as this experience will let you get more insights about the program and the university which helps you later when writing a motivation letter (Statement of Purpose – SOP) for the university.

Apart from the above-mentioned website lists, there are plenty of websites where you can get the university list for free. It is also possible to get the university list for free from several Facebook groups.

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