What is the salary in Germany for my job?

This will be the question for almost everyone of us.

Although there are a few websites (also listed below), most of us don’t know the real salary. I will share my experience with you.

There are many factors which decides the salary.

  • Profession and qualification
  • State
  • City
  • Working hours
  • Company
  • Tariff

Profession and qualification

Our salary in Germany is always based on our profession. We earn a salary based on our qualifications too. For example, there will be always a salary difference between the employees who have studied bachelor and masters. But the difference will not be too high.


There are huge differences in income between the states. For example, many companies in southern Germany pay more salaries for employees than in the other part of Germany.


The cost of living in big cities will be high. So the salary will be also quite high comparing to the small city or village.

Working hours

Some company offer 35 hours of working time. There are many companies which offer different working hours like 37 hours, 37.5 hours, 40 hours, 42 hours. These hours are working time per week except for the break time.

Salary is also based on working hours. For example, an employee with 40 hours working time will earn more than the employee with 35 hours.


Salary is also purely based on the company and it also differs between each and every company and also each and every location based on the local tariff.

  • Small or start-up companies
  • Medium-scale companies
  • Multinational companies

MNC companies have their own standards and you can always expect a good salary. Most of the MNC companies follow some particular tariff.

It doesn’t mean that the other companies won’t pay well. Even a small or start-up company or medium-scale company also pays well for its employees.


Many companies in Germany will follow some particular tariff. The most popular tariff is IG Metall. Many OEMs and suppliers follow the IG Metall tariff. Apart from this, there are many different tariffs.

Salary for your job