Most of us mention some randomly expected salary in the cover letter or job portal due to the lack of information knowledge.

These website give salary information based on,

  • Profession
  • Branches (industry type)
  • Location

You can find the salary details from the websites mentioned below.



You can use this website to find the approximate maximum salary for an open position. Type or copy and paste the exact job title in the search.



You can mention the job title in the search or you can choose “All jobs A-Z” to find the salary details.

3. Kununu


Search for the company or the position in search to find the approximate salary details. Sometimes you may find the exact salary for your position if some of the employees have given their salary details.

4. Glassdoor


You can use this portal to find the salary for an individual job or based on the position or location.

Read this post to know the important facts that affect the salary.

5. Xing


You can use Xing to find the salary details for each profession and also for an individual job.

6. LinkedIn


Based on the job title and profession you can find the salary details.


In most cases, you need a premium account to look at the complete details. In my opinion premium accounts are not necessary.

Make your own research before mentioning the expected salary and also read the terms and conditions of the websites.