Water leakage

One of the most common issues is water leakage from the pipes. Water leakage shouldn’t be a very disaster for your house but it could be a drop of leakage which spoils the floor or wall. It can mostly happen in the following places. So it is better to have an eye on those places occasionally.

  • Washbasin inlet in the kitchen
  • Washbasin outlet in the kitchen
  • Washbasin inlet in the bathroom
  • Washbasin outlet in the bathroom
  • Washbasin inlet in the toilet
  • Washbasin outlet in the toilet
  • Washing machine inlet
  • Washing machine outlet
  • Toilet water inlet from flush

If you have noticed the leakage earlier, then you can clean the places with the spray or liquid.

How to remove lime deposits

There are several possibilities to clean the lime deposits. I will explain the less expensive but effective methods.

  • Spray
  • Baking soda with vinegar


You can use the limescale cleaner (Klakreiniger in German) which you get from any supermarket. Spray the liquid over the area affected with a limescale deposit and let it react for approximately 15 minutes. Rub the surface with the cleaning brush and clean it with warm water.

Here are some of the sprays which I have used.

A very big disadvantage of these limestone cleaner is that it will be very strong and it goes directly into the respiratory tract while spraying. So it is very important to wear protective masks while using the sprays. It is also better to use protective glasses while spraying. I would highly suggest opening the windows while spraying. Do not let the kids enter the room while spraying and before cleaning the surface with water.

Baking soda with vinegar

You can pour some vinegar over the limescale deposit on the floor and then put the baking soda over it. Let it react for app. 30 minutes. Then it using the scraper or table knife as mentioned here. If there are heavy deposits, you should repeat this process several times. I would suggest not to do it on the same day. It is better to repeat once a week to protect your floor from erosion.

Toilet bowl

If there is a leakage in the toilet bowl for a long time, there will be a limescale deposit in yellow color. In my experience, It is one of the difficult spots to clear. There are liquids available at the market but those are not really very good to clean the limescale deposits which already exist. I haven’t found a solution to clean the lime deposit in the toilet bowl. If you know of any solutions, feel free to comment in the post. This will also help others too.


If you are living in an apartment and not living on the ground floor, you should be very careful. The water leakage can damage the house below your floor and you will be responsible for the repair. There are insurances available which cover this repair. Kindly check with your house owner if there is already insurance that covers the damage.

Drinking and shower water filter

Read the below posts which help to filter the drinking water and bathroom water which can solve some problems related to the hard water in Germany.

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