As we know that the traveller from the risk area should undergo home quarantine. If a person is living in an individual house or apartment, it is quite easy to not to be in contact with others. It is very difficult for persons who are living in shared accommodation. I would like to share the information which I have received from my public health department.

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  • Allowed to use public transport to reach home?
  • Number of days
  • First day – Day of arrival or the next day?
  • shopping during quarantine
  • New mask rules

Shared Accommodation (Wohngemeinschaft – WG)

Shared accommodation means there will be at least one more person who will use the common space and we have to share a few things with them. Here are some of the common things.

  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen utilities
  • Bathroom
  • Toilet

In this case, it is really very difficult to follow the quarantine rules even in the shared apartment and it is also impossible to be only at the room without using kitchen, bathroom, toilet, etc.

The persons who are staying in the share accommodation may think, how they can do day-to-day work. If so, this post will help you.


If you are using the shared kitchen, it is necessary to use only when no one is there. That means you should cook alone. It is also necessary to sanitize the used space and leave the kitchen as soon as your work in over. Kindly check well how you can sanitize the kitchen.

Kitchen utilities

It is better to use your own kitchen utilities and avoid using the common utilities. It is also necessary to keep your utilities separately after use.

Bathroom & toilet

It is also necessary to sanitize the common bathroom and toilet after use. If there are multiple bathrooms available, it would be also better that you use one bathroom and toilet and other persons can use the other bathroom and toilet.

General information

In general, you are allowed to come out of your room only for the necessary purpose. Apart from that, you should be only in your room. If your shared accommodation follows any rules during this period, it is also necessary to follow those rules.


Kindly consider this post as a guide. Rules and regulations are different for different states in Germany. So, contact your public health department to get the exact information.