I would like to share my quarantine experience which might be helpful for the person who is coming to Germany and undergoes quarantine.

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Public transport from the airport

We have arrived at Frankfurt International Airport in the morning and took the ICE train to reach our home. The train was almost empty while I was travelling to home. We have occupied a family seat (closed cabin) so that we can keep all our 4 luggage at the same place.

We were wearing a mask on the train. The ticket checking was normal as like before. We have shown the tickets and there was no other questions or instructions provided by the train personal.

Source: https://www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/coronavirus-infos-reisende.html

It is not directly mentioned on the above website that we can use public transport. But it is mentioned that we should reach our home or the destination place where we have to be in 10 days quarantine after the arrival.

Removing mask on the train

Another person who was working on the train said that we are allowed to remove our mask if we are sitting inside the closed cabin. So it was a great relax for us. Since we sat in the closed our cabin, we have removed our mask and travelled on the ICE.

We have to wear a mask in the regional trains because there will not be any closed cabins.

Taxi to home

Once we have reached our destination train station, we took a taxi to reach home. There was a separation between the taxi driver and the passengers at the back seat.

Suggestion: It is better to call and book a taxi if you leave your home early in the morning from Germany or reaching late at night or early in the morning in Germany. I haven’t got any taxi while I was travelling from Germany to India.


All the international passengers who come from the risk area should undergo 10 days of mandatory quarantine. Noone has informed us specifically to be in quarantine. But I have got the information that we should be in quarantine while filling the digitale einreiseanmeldung form.

There are also some exceptions based on individual states. So check the rules and regulations of your state on the official website.

Source for 10 days home quarantine rules: https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/de/quarantaene-einreise/2371468#content_3

First day – Day of arrival or the next day?

I have called the public health department (Gesundheitsamt) on the 5th day to clear some doubts. My doubt was how they calculate the 1st day? The day of arrival in Germany or the next day.

The answer from the contact person was, the day of arrival is counted as the first day. That means I have arrived on 13.01.2020 (Wednesday) in Germany. So my quarantine was till 22.01.2020).

Second corona test

The contact person said that it is not necessary for me to take the second test. If I wish to take, I can take it but it is not mandatory. She also added that it might take some days to get an appointment and it takes sometimes 2 more days to get the result. So it is better to be in quarantine for 10 days.

Source (Corona test after 5 days to end quarantine): https://www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/coronavirus-infos-reisende.html


It’s not allowed to go out of your home, even for shopping. It was the same for us. We have already bought important items like rice, dhal, milk (Haltbare milch (H-Milch)), etc before leaving Germany to India. So we had almost all the important items for cooking except vegetables. One of my friends purchased all the important groceries for us and kept in front of the house door.

It is important that you should not leave your apartment. That means you are not allowed to go down if you stay in the multi-floor building. It is also not allowed to invite or allow anyone to come to your home.

Online Shopping

It is possible to order online. For example, many Indian shops offer delivery.

When I was exploring the choices of Germany supermarkets, I found few options. One of that is REWE, which do home delivery for the first time customer. In general, we have to order for 50 euros to get free delivery. So it is a good option to use REWE free delivery option. They also ship the item directly to the home regardless of the number of floors. If you are not satisfied with the product, it is also possible to give them back during the delivery.

Source: https://www.rewe.de/service/lebensmittel-lieferservice/

New mask rules

From January 25 2020, there is a new rule for the mask in Baden-Württemberg. It is not allowed to use the hand made or washable cloth masks. It is mandatory to use OP-Mask (DIN EN 14683:2019-10) or FFP2 (DIN EN 149:2001). This rule exists already in some states. Kindly check the rules and regulations of your state. Because it is mandatory in Bayern (Bavaria) to use FFP2 mask and in other states, OP masks are also allowed.

Make sure that you have the proper mask while you are travelling from India to Germany or from some other countries.

Source: https://www.baden-wuerttemberg.de/de/service/aktuelle-infos-zu-corona/aktuelle-corona-verordnung-des-landes-baden-wuerttemberg/

Quarantine in ahared accommodation – Wohngemeinschaft (WG)

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I’m sharing the information which I know. Kindly consider this post just for the guidance and cross-check the latest information on the official website. Feel free to contact me using the contact form to update any information provided on this post.