It is not important that how many jobs you are applying but the quality of the application documents are very important.

Even a few minor mistakes in your cover letter could lead to rejection. Here are some of the common mistakes which we make during cover letter preparation.

  • Not in a proper format (Click here to know about the format and sample cover letter)
  • Wrong date, month and sometimes also the year
  • Addressing a wrong person
  • Wrong company name
  • Mentioning the wrong gender (Mr. or Ms. or Mrs.). Search in LinkedIn, Xing or Google to find the correct gender.
  • Not in a proper structure (Experience, Studies, etc). It is better to write from recent activity to the past. (Click here to know about the cover letter structure and sample cover letter)
  • More unwanted contents just to fill the page
  • Writing many paragraphs
  • Writing a cover letter for more than one page
  • Not mentioning the joining date*
  • Not mentioning your salary expectation*
  • Missing signature

* Joining date and salary expectations should be mentioned only if it is asked in the job advertisement.

To avoid the above-menitoned mistakes, spend more time in preparing the cover letter.