Many of us might know that the cost of a photoshoot is too costly. It varies from 15 to 30 euros just for the normal passport or visa photos. It’s quite costly for the students who do not earn money or earn less from the part-time job, internship, thesis, etc.

There is an alternative way to get a cheap photo for passport or visa purposes. This process takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes. I’m sharing the step-by-step procedures and also my own experience to get the photo as per the desired requirements.

Passport renewal

I have used the photo for the Indian passport renewal. It was also accepted by the Indian consulate. So you can also follow this cost-effective and time-saving process. To do this entire process you do not need any special skills. You just need your mobile phone.

Step 1: Capture Photo

Step 2: Edit Photo

Step 3: Print photo

Step 1: Capture photo

It is not so difficult nowadays to capture a good quality photo because almost every one of you has a smartphone. While capturing the photo make sure that follow the below points.

  • Use plain background
    • No need to worry about the background colors. You can find the reason in the edit photo section.
  • Place the camera at the center of your body
  • Use natural light and try to avoid flash
  • Keep the head straight
  • Look at the camera
  • Make sure that there are no shadows in the background
  • Do not zoom. Move-in to capture images with good clarity.

It is better to let someone else to take the photo. It will be quite easy.

Step 2: Edit photo

Once you have captured the image, you can start with the editing. Editing is a quite simple process and you do not need any special skills.

Procedure to edit image background

As a first step, it is better to remove the background of the image so that the background color will be white. It is good to use this tool even though you have taken the photo with a white background. You can use the below website to remove the background within few clicks.

Just upload the photo and then click download. You will get a .png image file.

There are several websites available to edit the photos in passport format. I have used the below website, which is free.

Procedure to create passport image

  1. Choosing the desired format
  2. Upload the photo
  3. Cropping your photo
  4. Download your photo ID board
Choosing the desired format

Choose the country. It will show the possible photo size and dimensions for printing the photos. If your requirement does not fit the available photo size, then you can choose the custom size and choose your own width and height of the photo. Then click the “Valida these parameters”.

Upload the photo

Upload the photo which you have removed the background and click next.

Cropping your photo

Cropping is one of the important steps to create a passport that will be accepted by the embassy, consulate, or visa office. But do not worry. It is quite simple. Just follow the procedures which are mentioned on the website.

Make sure that your face is straight. Here is a tip on how to make sure that the face is straight. The middle of the glabella, nose, lips, and chin should be at the straight line.

Once you have adjusted the image as mentioned in the website, you can click crop. It will crop the image.

Download your photo ID board

You can download the photo to your mobile phone or laptop. It is also possible to receive the photo by email.

Step 3: Print photo

Printing photo is a quite simple process which costs approximately 39 cents. You can print photo in different shops like dm, Müller, Rossmann, Kaufland, etc.

You can print the photos directly from your mobile using the bluetooth. No need to take any cable to the shop.

  • Transfer the photos via Bluetooth or other desired options
  • Select the photo layout (dimension)
  • Print the photo
  • Take the receipt
  • Pay at the cash desk

If you have a printer and photo printing paper at your home, you can print the photos at your home. 10 x 15 cm size will be optimal for printing.

My experience

I have taken the photo in front of the wall which has white color. I haven’t used light to avoid the shadow. I have just used the sunlight and it was sufficient for the photo.

The photo which I have captured was not straight, which means the middle of the glabella, nose, lips, and chin were not in a straight line. So I have used Picasa software to make the head straight. Apart from that, there are several online websites to edit the images for free.

I have used the above-mentioned removebg website to remove the background. Then I have uploaded it to the passport photo online website to create the passport photo. I have selected the country like India and the below custom formats.

  • Size of a photo ID: 50.0 x 50.0 mm
  • Dimensions of the photo board: 150.0 x 110.0

The entire editing process took approximately 3 to 5 minutes for me.

Once I have edited the photo, I have transferred the photo to my mobile phone and printed it at the Rossmann. It costs me only 30 cents.

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