In this post, you can know detailed the step-by-step process to get a new electricity contract (Stromvertrag) in Germany. You can also get complete information regarding the changing of electricity provider. I would like to share some of my experience in this post which will be helpful for you too.

  • Why it is good to change the electricity provider?
  • How to get a cheap electricity contract?
  • Where you should be careful to save money?
  • Energy consumption
  • How to change the electricity provider?
  • Step by step procedure
  • What happens if you haven’t created a new contract?

Why it is good to change the electricity provider?

Do you know that you can save money by changing the electricity provider? Read the detailed information by clicking the link below.

Apart from the above-mentioned information, you will also get an immediate bonus (Sofortbonus) and also a new customer bonus. Kindly check the respective service provider for detailed information.

Here is a difference between the old and new electricity contract price.

How to get a cheap electricity contract?

You can compare the price of electricity using various price comparison sites. Here are some of the famous price comparison sites where you can find a cheap electricity contract.

  • Check24
  • Verivox

Other electricity providers

There are many other electricity service providers too. But I found that Lidl and Aldi are offering electricity for a cheap price.

  • Lidl
  • Aldi

Where you should be careful to save money?

There are different types of contracts available in the market.12 months and 24 months contract and most general contract type. If you select the 2 years contract, the price will be less for the first year but the price for the second year will be very high. So check the monthly price and adopt the best or cheap electricity provider.

If you compare the prices in the above-mentioned price comparison sites, they will display the average money which you pay which includes the bonus. But in general, you will pay more per month. So make sure, that you check the tariff and price details.

Energy consumption

In general energy consumption for a single person is 1500 kilowatt-hour (kWh). It is 1000 kWh more for the extra persons. For example, 2500 kWh is enough for a family with 2 persons.

How to change the electricity provider?

Changing the existing electricity provider is very simple process. You should just dollow the below mentioned points.

  • Cancel your existing electricity contract
  • Apply for a new contract
  • Wait for the acceptance
  • Send the meter reading
  • Refund or extra payment

Steps to follow to change the electricity provider

Cancel your existing contract

It’s very important to cancel your current contract at the right time so that you can get the new electricity contract. You can download the sample electricity contract termination letter by clicking the link below.

If you are new to Germany or you have lived only in a shared apartment or you never had a separate electricity contract in Germany, you can proceed from the below details.

Apply for a new contract

You can choose the electricity provider and send the details online. The process is quite simple. You can choose one of the above-mentioned price comparison website or any other website which you like to use.

Through the electricity service provider

If you would like to make a contract directly from the website of the electricity service provider, then the procedures are almost the same. You have to enter the below details.

  • Postal code
  • Number of person in the house or
  • Energy consumption in kWh

If you like the tariff which they offer, then you can proceed with the contract. The procedure are same like below.

Through price comparison website

I have made my contract with Check24 and I will explain that process. As a first step, you should give the below details.

  • Postal code
  • Number of person in the house or
  • Energy consumption in kWh

Then you can see the results with different deals. You can choose the one which you like. I mostly prefer the cheapest service provider with good ratings.

Personal details

You have to add the following details to put a contract.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Street
  • Postal code
  • City
  • Mobile number
  • Date of Birth


If you like to get the electricity contract in any other address other than the above-mentioned address, you can add that. It is mostly applicable if you have rented the house.

Delivery information

You have to give provide some information to get the electricity delivery. You have to answer for,

  • Are you moving newly to the above-mentioned address
    • Select yes, if you are moving new to the house.
    • Select no, if you are already living in that house.
  • Counter number (Zählernummer)
    • If you do not know the zählernummer while creating a contract, you can send it later.
  • Current electricity provider
  • Customer number
    • The above two points are applicable only while changing the electricity provider. It is not applicable to the new electricity contract.
  • Have you already cancelled the existing contract?
    • Yes – If you have already terminated the contract
    • No, My new electricity provider should do it on my behalf. – If you haven’t cancelled the contract, your new service provider can do it on your behalf. But this service is not available for all the electricity providers.

Payment method

In this step, you can choose the payment method. There are two possibilities,

  • Direct debit (Lastschrift)
  • Transfer (Überweisung)

Sometimes there will not be an option. Only direct debit will be possible. In my opinion, direct debit (Lastschrift) is the best way. Because it is not necessary for you to transfer each and every month. The service provider will debit automatically.

Wait for the acceptance

Once you have sent the application, it may take few days to process. You will get a reply from the service provider. In case if you have made the contract through the price comparison websites like check24, you will also get a confirmation email from them.

Send the meter reading

It is necessary to send your meter reading to the new electricity provider on the first day of the contract change.

Refund or extra payment

If you have used less electricity throughout the year, it is possible to get back the remaining money. In few cases, you should follow up correctly to get the refund. The refund will not be automatically initiated. We have to contact them again. It had happened to me.

If you have used more electricity, then it is necessary to pay the amount at the end of the year. You will receive a bill and also the bank details for the transaction.

Advantage of price comparison website?

As like the electricity provider, the price comparision website also offers different bonus as below.

  • New costomer bonus (Neukundenbonus)
  • Change bonus (Wechselbonus)
  • Immediate bonus (Sofortbonus)
  • Dicount (Abschlagsrabatt)
  • Working price discount (Arbeitspreisrabatt)

You will not get all the above-mentioned offers at the same time for the same service. The offers are different for each electricity service provider.

Apart from that, it is also possible to collect the credits provided by the price comparison website. Depending on the type of offer you get, you can use it for shopping, travel booking or any other contracts like mobile, DSL contracts, etc. Some price comparison website also provides separate customer service in case of any queries.

What happens if you haven’t created a new contract?

If you have terminated your contract and didn’t have a new contract, then no need to worry. You will still get the electricity supply from the local electricity supplier (Grundversorger) during the transition phase. You do not need to do anything else for that. In general, you will get the information through call or email from them.

The electricity supply throuhg the Grundversorger will be too costly. So try to change the new contract at the correct time or atleast within a month.

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