Since there are many persons searching job (especially software engineers) from other countries in Germany, I will share the minimum salary in Baden-Württemberg state.

Even though if you have done your interview well, salary negotiation plays an important role in Germany to get a job. If there is a vacancy in a company, there will be some specific budget to fill that position. It will lead to rejection if we demand more salary than the budget.

Here are the minimum salary for engineers.

  • Voluntary internship – 1530€
  • After bachelor studies in Germany (without work experience) – 45000€
  • After master studies in Germany (without work experience) – 48000€
  • 5 to 7 years experience – 65000€
  • 10 years experience – 72000€

Note: I’m sharing this based on my experience and it is also possible to get less or more salary based on several aspects. I have published a post regarding this.