Visa Interview Questions

Here are the few commonly asked visa interview questions.

  1. What is your parents occupation?
  2. Do you have any siblings?
  3. What they are doing?
  4. What is your major in bachelor studies?
  5. What is your major in Master studies?
  6. Name few subjects which are covered in the course?
  7. Why you have chosen this course?
  8. Have you learnt German language?
  9. Why haven’t you selected other countries instead of Germany
  10. Why did you choose this university?
  11. Explain about the course curriculum.
  12. Who is sponsoring your studies? Father or bank loan or relatives?
  13. What is your father income?
  14. How do you manage your financial issues?
  15. How do you get benefit from this course?
  16. Tell few famous people in Germany?
  17. Do you like stay in Germany after your studies?
  18. Do you have any plan after studies?
  19. Do you know anyone in the place where you are going or in Germany?
  20. How many universities have you applied in Germany?
  21. How many acceptance letter you have received so far?
  22. When is the application deadline for this university?
  23. When do you have received your admission letter?
  24. Who is Chancellor and president of Germany?
  25. In which part of Germany your university is located?
  26. Can you tell the captial of the state where your university located?
  27. What is the date of joining in the university?
  28. Have you found any accommodation?

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