Electrical / Electronics Engineering

SI. No.CourseUniversitySemesterCourse Link
1Advanced Master’s in Information Technology for EnergyBerlin University of TechnologyWinterClick Here
2Advanced Signal Processing and Communications EngineeringFAU Erlangen-NürnbergWinterClick Here
3Analytical Instruments, Measurement and Sensor TechnologyCoburg University of Applied Sciences and ArtsWinterClick Here
4Automation and ITTH Köln (University of Applied Sciences)WinterClick Here
5Automotive Systems (Master of Engineering)Esslingen University of Applied SciencesWinterClick Here
6Autonomous Systems Master’s Programme (MSc)Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-SiegSummer, WinterClick Here
7Biomedical EngineeringHamburg University of Applied SciencesSummer, WinterClick Here
8Bionics/Biomimetics, MScRhine-Waal University of Applied SciencesSummer, WinterClick Here
9Communication and Media Engineering (CME)Offenburg UniversityWinterClick Here
10Communications and Multimedia Engineering (CME)FAU Erlangen-NürnbergWinterClick Here
11Communications EngineeringRWTH Aachen UniversityWinterClick Here
12Computational Engineering (CE), MScFAU Erlangen-NürnbergWinterClick Here
13Computational Science and Engineering (CSE)University of RostockSummer, WinterClick Here
14Computer and Communications Technology (MSc)Saarland UniversitySummer, WinterClick Here
15Electrical Communication Engineering (MSc)University of KasselSummer, WinterClick Here
16Electrical Engineering (EE)University of RostockSummer, WinterClick Here
17Electrical Engineering and Embedded SystemsRavensburg-Weingarten University of Applied SciencesWinterClick Here
18Electrical Engineering and Information Technology – International Master of ScienceDarmstadt University of Applied SciencesWinterClick Here
19Electrical Power EngineeringRWTH Aachen UniversitySummer, WinterClick Here
20Elite Master of Science in Neuroengineering (MSNE)Technische Universität MünchenWinterClick Here
21European Master in Embedded Computing Systems (EMECS)Technische Universität KaiserslauternWinterClick Here
22Functional Materials MScUniversity of MarburgSummer, WinterClick Here
23Global Production Engineering for New Energy Technologies (GPE NET)Berlin University of TechnologyWinterClick Here
24Global Production Engineering in Manufacturing (GPE MAN)Berlin University of TechnologyWinterClick Here
25Information and Communication SystemsHamburg University of TechnologyWinterClick Here
26Information and Communications Engineering (ICE)TH Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences – THMWinterClick Here
27Information Technology (IT)Frankfurt University of Applied SciencesWinterClick Here
28Information Technology – INFOTECHUniversity of StuttgartWinterClick Here
29International Graduate Studies in MechatronicsUniversity of SiegenWinterClick Here
30International Master’s Programme in Information and Communication EngineeringTU DarmstadtWinterClick Here
31International Master’s Programme in MechatronicsRavensburg-Weingarten University of Applied SciencesWinterClick Here
32International Master’s Programme in Organic and Molecular ElectronicsTechnische Universität DresdenWinterClick Here
33Lasers and Photonics (Master of Science)Ruhr University BochumSummer, WinterClick Here
34Management and Engineering in Electrical Power SystemsRWTH Aachen UniversityWinterClick Here
35Master Embedded Systems for MechatronicsUniversity of Applied Sciences and Arts DortmundWinterClick Here
36Master of Science Communications TechnologyUlm UniversitySummerClick Here
37Master of Science in Advanced MaterialsUlm UniversityWinterClick Here
38Master of Science in Automotive EngineeringRWTH Aachen UniversityWinterClick Here
39Master of Science in Communication Systems and NetworksTH Köln (University of Applied Sciences)Summer, WinterClick Here
40Master of Science in Communications and Signal ProcessingIlmenau University of TechnologyWinterClick Here
41Master of Science in Communications Engineering (MSCE)Technische Universität MünchenWinterClick Here
42Master of Science in Computer EngineeringPaderborn UniversitySummer, WinterClick Here
43Master of Science in Electrical Systems EngineeringPaderborn UniversityWinterClick Here
44Master of Science in Energy Science and TechnologyUlm UniversityWinterClick Here
45Master of Science in Green ElectronicsTechnische Universität MünchenRefer websiteClick Here
46Master of Science in Integrated Circuit DesignTechnische Universität MünchenRefer websiteClick Here
47Master of Science in Materials SciencePaderborn UniversityWinterClick Here
48Master of Science in Microsystems EngineeringUniversity of FreiburgWinterClick Here
49Master of Science in PhotonicsFriedrich Schiller University JenaWinterClick Here
50Master of Science in Power Engineering (MSPE)Technische Universität MünchenWinterClick Here
51Master of Science in Sustainable Systems EngineeringUniversity of FreiburgWinterClick Here
52Master Online PhotovoltaicsUniversity of FreiburgWinterClick Here
53Master’s Degree Course in Electronics EngineeringUniversity of Applied Sciences BremenSummer, WinterClick Here
54Master’s Programme at the Karlsruhe School of Optics and Photonics (KSOP)Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyWinterClick Here
55Master’s Programme in Engineering SciencesRosenheim University of Applied SciencesSummer, WinterClick Here
56Mechanical Engineering, MScRhine-Waal University of Applied SciencesSummer, WinterClick Here
57Media TechnologyIlmenau University of TechnologySummer, WinterClick Here
58Microelectronics and MicrosystemsHamburg University of TechnologyWinterClick Here
59MSc Advanced Optical Technologies (MAOT)FAU Erlangen-NürnbergWinterClick Here
60MSc Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region (REMENA)University of KasselSummer, WinterClick Here
61MSc Systems Engineering and Engineering ManagementSouth Westphalia University of Applied SciencesSummer, WinterClick Here
62Online MSc Wind Energy SystemsUniversity of KasselWinterClick Here
63Renewable Energy Systems (RES)Technische Hochschule IngolstadtWinterClick Here
64Sensor Systems Technology (ST/M)Karlsruhe University of Applied SciencesSummerClick Here
65Space Sciences and Technologies – Sensing, Processing, Communication (Space-ST)University of BremenWinterClick Here
66Automotive Software EngineeringTechnische Universität ChemnitzSummer, WinterClick Here
67Biomedical Engineering, Master of ScienceLuebeck University of Applied SciencesWinterClick Here
68Communication and Information Technology, MSc (CIT)University of BremenSummerClick Here
69Control, Microsystems, Microelectronics (CMM)University of BremenSummerClick Here
70Electrical EngineeringKempten University of Applied SciencesSummer, WinterClick Here
71Electrical Engineering and Information TechnologyUniversity of MagdeburgWinterClick Here
72Electronic Systems Engineering and Management (MSc part-time) at the HECTOR SchoolKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyWinterClick Here
73Embedded SystemsTechnische Universität ChemnitzWinterClick Here
74Embedded Systems DesignUniversity of Applied Sciences BremerhavenSummerClick Here
75ERASMUS Mundus Master’s Programme EUROPHOTONICS (EMMC)Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyWinterClick Here
76Information and Communication SystemsTechnische Universität ChemnitzWinterClick Here
77Information Technology (MSc)OWL University of Applied SciencesWinterClick Here
78International MechatronicsLeibniz Universität HannoverWinterClick Here
79Master in Optical SciencesHumboldt University BerlinSummer, WinterClick Here
80Master of Science in MechatronicsFH Aachen – University of Applied SciencesWinterClick Here
81Master’s Programme in Nanoelectronic SystemsTechnische Universität DresdenWinterClick Here
82Micro and Nano SystemsTechnische Universität ChemnitzWinterClick Here
83Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (MSc)University of OldenburgWinterClick Here
84Renewable Energy and Environmental Management (MBA)SRH Hochschule BerlinWinterClick Here
85Software Engineering for Embedded SystemsTechnische Universität KaiserslauternWinterClick Here
86Wind EngineeringFlensburg University of Applied SciencesWinterClick Here
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