Computer Science / Information Technology

SI. NoCourseUniversity
1M.Sc. Information SystemsUniversity of Cologne
2Information TechnologyUniversity of Frankfurt am Main
3M.Sc. Computer ScienceUniversity of Münster
4M.Sc. Information SystemsUniversity of Münster
5M.Sc. Computer ScienceUniversity of Paderborn
6M.Sc. Computer ScienceSaarland University
7M.Sc. Computer ScienceUniversity of Kassel
8M.Sc. Computer ScienceUniversity of Munich
9M.Sc. Information TechnologyUniversity of Stuttgart
10M.Sc. Computer ScienceRWTH Aachen
11M.Sc. Applied Computer ScienceTU Kaiserslautern
12M.Sc. Computer ScienceTU Kaiserslautern
13Information and communication systemsTU Hamburg
14Information and media technologiesTU Hamburg
15Master of InformaticsTU Munich
16Master of Informatics: Games EngineeringTU Munich
17Master of Information SystemsTU Munich
18Master of BioinformaticsTU Munich
19Master of Biomedical ComputingTU Munich
20Master of Data Engineering and AnalyticsTU Munich
21Master of Robotics, Cognition, IntelligenceTU Munich
22Master of Automotive Software EngineeringTU Munich
23Master Computational Science and EngineeringTU Munich
24M.Sc. Computer ScienceFH Münster
25Software engineering and managementFH Heilbronn
27M.Sc. Applied Computer ScienceSRH University Heidelberg
28M.Sc. Information and Communication engineeringTU Darmstadt
29M.Sc. Information and Communication engineeringUniversity of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen
30M.Eng. Information TechnologyOstwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences
31M.Sc. Software Engineering for Industrial ApplicationsHof University of Applied Sciences
32M.Sc. Computer ScienceUniversity of Bonn
33M.Sc. Autonomous SystemsBonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences
34M.Sc. Computer ScienceUniversity of Freiburg
35M.Sc. Applied Computer ScienceUniversity of Freiburg
36M.Sc. Software EngineeringUniversity of Passau
37M.Sc. Digital CommunicationsUniversity of Kiel
38M.Sc. Software EngineeringUniversity of Augsburg
39Information TechnologyMannheim University of Applied Sciences
40M.Sc. Communications and Multimedia EngineeringUniversity of Erlangen-Nuremberg
41M.Sc. Information EngineeringUniversity of Konstanz
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