First step in Germany

Once you receive the visa, it is better to come early to the place of studying and finish all official works before university starts.

  • Activating bank account
  • Health Insurance
  • Doing city registration (Stadt Anmeldung)

Note: It is necessary to register the house (Stadt Anmeldung) which you have rented. For this purpose, you need the following documents.

  • Passport
  • Biometric photo
  • Tenancy agreement (House contract)
  • Wohnraumbescheinigung (in most of the cities)

It is also suggested to take the following documents.

  • University registration form
  • Blocked account statement

Indian Embassy and Consulate in Germany

In case, if you have some problem during your stay in Germany, you can contact the Indian Embassy or consulate in Germany. Here are the details.

Apart from this, the Indian Embassy in Berlin has the initiative to help all the Indian students in Germany.

As a part of this initiative, students in Germany universities are suggested to create an Indian Students Association. Their main aim is to help the Indian students and also to celebrate Indian festivals.

Enrolling in university

Once you reached Germany you have to do some official works.

  • Go to the bank where you have opened an account and show your account details to activate your bank account.
  • Go to German health insurance office and apply. You will get a letter instantly and you should submit that letter in university during enrollment.
  • In university, you have to show your original admission letter, IELTS or Tofel, GRE (if mandatory for the course), German language certificate (if mandatory for the course).
  • Pay enrollment fee through bank and download enrollment confirmation from the university website.

Note: It is necessary to show all your original documents during enrollment.

Extension of study duration

A temporary residence permit will be issued for the students for the first time and the subsequent extension will be for a minimum one year and a maximum of two years during courses of study. It may be extended if the purpose of residence is achievable within a reasonable time period.

It is explained in the “Act on the Residence, Economic Activity and Integration of Foreigners in the Federal Territory” under part 3, section 16 (1). Click here to read more.

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