Blocked account

What is a blocked account?

It is necessary to show sufficient funds to cover your expenses in Germany. For this purpose, you should open a bank account. This account should be blocked with some amount so that students can withdraw money every month to meet their monthly expenses.

How to open a blocked account?

You can open blocked account directly in Germany banks or other service providers.

Opening a blocked account directly in German banks

Example: Deutsche bank

How to open bank account directly in Germany?

If you would like to open a bank account in Deutsche Bank in Germany, it is not necessary to open an additional account in Deutsche Bank in India. To open an account in Deutsche Bank Germany, you should download a form and fill it.

  • Download Deutsche bank application from. (Download under Forms tab)
  • Fill the form
  • Book an appointment with German Consulate/Embassy to get attestation (click here for the procedure) in the Deutsche Bank account opening form. Kindly refer the German Consulate Website (German Missions in India) for the payment details.
  • Send the attested Deutsche Bank account opening form, passport copy and the university admission letter to the address mentioned in the form.

Note: In case, if you don’t have an admission letter from the university, you can send all other documents without an admission letter.

The above-mentioned process is just an example for opening an account in Deutsche bank. It is also possible to open an account in many other banks. You can visit the bank website for further details.

Opening bank account through service providers

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