Once your visa got approved, it is very important to search for accommodation. You can show one of the below options.

  • University hostel
  • Private apartment/room

University hostel

Normally there will be an application process to apply for the student hostels. That information may vary depending on the university. So visit the university website to get details about the accommodation.

Private apartment/room

There will be many private rooms (Wohngemeinschaft – WG) or apartments. You can use the following website for searching for a room.

  1. WG-Gesucht
  2. Immobilienscout24
  3. Immowelt
  4. Monteurzimmer
  5. Planethome
  6. Immobilienmarkt
  7. Studenten-wohnung
  8. Kallen
  9. Immonet
  10. Studentenwohnungsmarkt
  11. Studenten-wohnung
  12. Wohngemeinschaft
  13. Easywg
  14. Studenten-wg
  15. Flatmix

Emergency accommodation

In case, if you haven’t found any accommodation and your date of arrival is near, you can consider any of the following choices.

  1. Student hostel
  2. Monteurzimmer

Student hostel

Student hostels are available in most of the cities. You can find temporary accommodation and it will be mostly based on day charge. Charges differ based on the city, the number of beds in a room and facilities available. Normally, you can find accommodation for 30 Euros.


This is a website where you can find cheap accommodation in case of an emergency.

It is normal for workers who are travelling to different cities for their work. It is also for someone who wants to stay temporary. Rooms can be rented for days, weeks and even for months. Rates depend on room type. Shared rooms will be always cheaper than an individual room.

Important Information

  • Do not transfer any amount to a private account. Transfer only if you get something through your university.
  • Before you leave your home country, make sure that you have accommodation.
  • If you are already in Germany and searching for a new room or an apartment, visit directly and then pay. There are too many fraudulent.
  • There are too many agencies through which you can find a room or an apartment.

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