Masters in Germany

This section “Masters in Germany" is to guide the students who are willing to pursue their master studies in Germany. This helps the beginners who are in India as well as in other countries to apply for the master studies in Germany.

You can find the necessary information right from the university selection, visa process till finding a part-time job, internships or a permanent job in Germany.

I will share my own experience and also other’s experience in Blog. All the information shared in this website are verified personally me. So you can trust the information.

Info: I am not a consultant, that means I am not involved within any paid consultancy works. All the details shared in this website are free of cost. Feel free to share with others and share the credentials to this website and YouTube channel (Travel Meets The Nature).

In case if someone approaches you and demand for money using the content from this website, kindly note that it is totally irrelevant to us.

You can find the following details on this website.

  • Basic requirements
  • Application Process Overview
  • University Selection
  • Application Procedures
  • Visa
  • Booking a flight ticket
  • Accommodation
  • Shopping
  • Travel
  • Life in Germany
  • Jobs

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