Learning the German language in Germany

There are possibilities to learn the German language in Germany. We can choose the institute on our own (private institute, VHS or other institutes) or we can do the integration course.

You will mostly receive the list of institutes which offer integration course in your area during the registration in foreign office for the first time. If you haven’t received any list, you can search for VHS near your location. VHS provides an integration course. Alternatively, you can find it easily on Google.


The course duration in some private institutes is less. That doesn’t mean they teach fewer hours. But the classes will be long per day. This lets you finish the course faster. Most of the private institutes are costlier than VHS. If there is a bulk booking, you can also ask for the offers.

Duration in VHS is too high. It takes approximately 10 months to finish A1, A2 and B1. I highly recommend VHS because the quality of teaching is very good. I can always see the difference between the students who had finished VHS and from a private institute.

Integration course

Integration course is important for you to know about the Germany history, culture legal system, to do conversation in bakery, supermarket, if you are looking for a job, to fill the application forms in the offices, to support the kids in their education and also to make contact with the new people.

German language exceptions for family reunion visa
Click here – German language exceptions for family reunion visa

Fund for an integration course

Integration course will be partially supported by the government. You should submit the document which you receive from the foreign office to avail this discount. It means you should pay only 50% of the money for the Germany course. It’s approximately 195 Euros per module. The price may differ based on the institution.

Money back

If you finish your integration course within 2 years then you can get 50% of your money back. So try to start the language as soon as you register yourself in the foreign office and received the letter for integration course.

German language – Level vs Modules

Module in Germany is different from the level. It is just a part. For example, A1.1 and A1.2 are the 2 modules for the A1 level.


A1, A2, B1, etc…


A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, etc

If you apply for a German course in Germany, make sure that you get clear information before joining.

My personal experience

I saw an ad on the internet that the German course is app. 400 Euros. When I had called and asked the exact details, they said that it for one module, not for the entire level. This means it costs app. 800 for a single level (A1).

Other possibilities to learn the German language


If you work in a company, there might also be also possibilities to get free or partially paid German courses. Contact your manager or HR or worker union to get the information.


If you are a student, most of the universities offer free German course. Normally it takes 1 semester to finish a module. Some universities also offer intensive courses during the holidays.

German course for professionals

If you have finished till B1, then it is possible to do B2 or further level for free of cost by registering in the Arbeitsagentur. If a few cities, it is also possible to learn from the A1 level with the funding from Arbeitsagentur. Check the local VHS or other German institutes for more details.

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