Finding a Part-Time Job in Germany

Finding a part-time job is one of the important factors for international students to fund their stay in Germany. Especially, if it is necessary to save money for the visa extension. There are several possibilities to find a part-time job in Germany. You can find some of the important ways in this post.

How to search?

There are different ways to search the above mentioned jobs.

  • Searching in internet
  • Searching through a consultancy
  • Searching in university advertisement or notice board
  • Searching in newspaper
  • Asking for a job directly in a shop

Searching in internet

The most common way to search for a part-time job is to search on websites. There is plenty of websites to search for those jobs. In big cities, it is not so difficult to find a part-time job. Click below some popular websites to search for a part-time job.

Searching through a consultancy

Finding a part-time job through a consultancy is also possible. Actually, it is one of the best ways if you can speak German. It is also possible to get with basic German knowledge.

There are several consultancies in each city. You can approach them directly. You should fill a form. Normally this form will be in German. You should fill in the basic details such as your name, address, type of work in which you are interested, in which climatic condition you are ready to work, etc.

Searching in university advertisement or notice board

Almost all the universities have an advertisement board where students can search for information. It is called Schwarzes Brett. Normally contact number will be mentioned in the advertisement or an email address with the details of the contact person.

Searching in newspaper

In small cities, a part-time job will be advertised in the local newspaper. You can also find advertisement directly in some shops.

Asking for a job directly in a shop

It is also possible to visit the shop directly and ask for a part-time job. For example, it is possible to visit fast-food restaurants like Burger King, McDonald’s, etc. and ask for a job

Applying directly through a company/shop website

If you know that there are some big shops in your city. You can also have a look at their website for the vacancy. If there is a vacancy, you should apply with your resume, cover letter, etc.

Language requirements

It is good to have German knowledge. That means it will be good if you can make basic communications for most of the jobs. It is very good if you can speak well in German. You can easily find a part-time job. It doesn’t mean that it is impossible to get a job only in English speaking skills, but there will be fewer opportunities and priorities.

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