Trade fair or expo is most common in Germany. There be will different types of the expo in different fields throughout Germany. You can visit some of the expos for free and some with entry fees. There are different types of fairs.

  • Job expo or job fair
  • Technology expo
  • Art and craft expo
  • Oldtimer expo
  • Sports expo
  • Vehicle expo, etc…

The expo will give you more ideas in different fields. You can also know about the recent trends, technologies and meet the representatives directly.

Job fair

In my opinion, attending a job fair in Germany is very important for those who are searching for a job or an internship. It gives you different ideas and creates self-awareness about the demands in the Germany job market.

I have attended a job fair while studying my masters and it has changed my life. I will write a post regarding this in the upcoming days.

The job fair will be conducted throughout the year in different cities. You can pre-register for free (in most cases) and participate in the job fair. Sometimes it is not necessary to do the registration.


You can find the list of companies, institutions, research institutes, etc which attend the job fair. You can also mostly get the stall number details and in some cases in a map view. This will help you to concentrate only on the important stall which is related to you.

What you can expect in a job fair

  • Getting in touch with the HRs
  • CV and cover letter corrections
  • Free photoshoot for resume

Getting in touch with the HRs

You can contact the HRs directly in the job fair. You will not get such an opportunity easily in Germany. Most of the HRs will be very friendly and they will answer almost all of your questions. So feel free to note the questions before attending the job fair.

Most of the time you will get a visiting card from the HR. You can apply to the company by stating that you have met a person from your company in the job fair and you were informed about that company.


Do not contact the HRs through email or phone number often. It will create a bad opinion. To apply for a job, follow the process given in the job portal.

CV check

There will be also possibilities to check and correct your CV for free. You can find the exact information on the job fair website and the service they provide. Not all the HRs do that, there will be a specific stall where you can get this service for free.

Most of the times it is necessary to book an appointment for the CV check. Make sure that you are there at the correct time.


Check doesn’t mean that they translate the document for you. It is your responsibility to translate in the German language, if necessary. Most of the time, they will check English documents too. So the language shouldn’t be a problem for correction.

Free photoshoot for resume

There will be a free photoshoot for resume in almost all of the job fair. So make sure that you dress up well. I would suggest keeping a blazer. It looks professional and it helps you while applying for a job.

If you take a resume photo in the shop, it costs at least app. 15 euros to 30 euros based on the city. So use the opportunity to click a free photo. If there is a prior appointment or registration necessary, don’t forget to do it.

Complimentary gifts

You may get lots of complimentary gifts in the job fair. You can get notes, pens, key chain and other stationery items for free. In some job fairs, there might be also small games in which you can participate and get a prize. Feel free to participate, interact and don’t feel shy.

Necessary documents for a job fair

It is necessary to carry some documents for the job fair.


It is not necessary to carry your certificate. Keep your residence permit for the verification purpose.


Due to the current pandemic situation, most of the job fairs were cancelled or postponed or conducted in a virtual mode. Kindly have a look at the respective website for the actual information.