While applying for Germany national visa and other types of visa, it is necessary to have all the documents which are mentioned in the checklist. If you fail to submit the documents, there might be a delay in getting a visa or sometimes it will lead to the rejection. It depends on the type of document and also there will also some exceptions too.

There will be many confusions and questions regarding the documents which were mentioned in the checklist. One common doubt is regarding the birth certificate.

I have summarised the information from the official website and also the real experiences shared by others in social media.

Possibility to apply without a birth certificate – Information from official website

Your date of birth will be in the official documents like Aadhar card, ration card, PAN card or any other certificates. Even though those documents have the date of birth, they can’t replace the birth certificate. Therefore as per the information from Germany Mission in India official website, if the birth certificate is mentioned in the checklist, it’s necessary to submit the birth certificate.

Is there any alternative for a birth certificate?

What can you do if you don’t have a birth certificate?

As per the information from the website from Germany Mission in India, if you don’t have a birth certificate, you should apply for late registration of birth at the competent registrar’s office

If you have any further doubts, check the Germany Mission in India official website for more details. You can clarify your doubts in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Official information regarding birth certificate

Official website: https://india.diplo.de/in-en/service/-/2346188?openAccordionId=item-2345324-6-panel

Possibility to apply without a birth certificate – Real experience from others

Even though the information from the official website shows that the birth certificate is a mandatory document, in the reality it seems to be different.

I have read from the social media that the birth certificate is not necessary and some people have completed their visa interview without submitting a birth certificate. Especially a person who had attended a Family Reunion visa hasn’t submitted the birth certificate.


Kindly consider this post as a guide and refer the above mentioned official website for the latest information and get the real experience from the people who had attended visa interview from your region.