One of the easiest ways to find a job in Germany is through an internship. This is applicable not only for students but also for spouse. It is also possible for a spouse to search for a job directly if they get it or if they have experience in the relevant industry.

Who can do an internship?

If you hold a visa card (Aufenthaltstitel) in which it’s mentioned as Erwerbstätigkeit Gestattet then you are allowed to do an internship without any issues. To make sure that you are eligible to do an internship and clarify doubts regarding visa, I would recommend contacting the foreign office (Ausländeramt).

Finding an internship

Just like usual methods, it is possible to find an internship by applying directly to a company through their portal. There are several job portals and a few social media available where you can find jobs. You can find the details about job search websites here.

Student enrollment certificate (Immatrikulation Bescheinigung)

In this case, the internship comes under voluntary internship (Freiwilliges Praktikum). So there is no need for student enrollment at the university.


One of the best and easiest way to find an internship is to use your contact and get referrals. In a few cases, it’s possible to get an internship for the spouse in the same company where the partner is working.

It’s quite good to talk directly with the respective department or to the HR. If the spouse has the required qualifications, opportunities to get an internship are quite high.

Unsolicited application

It’s also possible to send an unsolicited application for many companies. In this case, you can send the application and contact the responsible HR (normally given in the portal). In a few cases, you can apply and approach your friends of friends from social media for reference.

Application documents

While applying for an internship, it’s necessary to prepare the application documents. Here are the important documents.

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Education Certificates
  • Experience certificates
  • Extracurricular certificates
  • Language certificates

I would suggest to merge all the documents as a single file or merge the resume and cover letter as a single document and other certificates as another single document. Many individuals attachments may not be good and it’s difficult for the recruiter or manager.

Documents to submit

As like internship for students, it’s necessary to have a few important documents which you should submit while starting an internship.

  • Valid visa
  • Tax details
  • Social security number
  • Health Insurance
  • Bank account

You can submit the copy of all the above-mentioned documents or a digital copy based on the requirements from the company. Some companies may ask for additional documents.


Since this is a voluntary internship, salary will be quite good. You will get minimum wages (Mindestlohn) from most of the companies. It is also based on the company where you get an internship.


Since this internship doesn’t come under a student internship, you can work as long as you get an internship contract. There is no limit or restrictions on the number of months or days like student internship.

Experience Certificate

In general, experience certificate will be provided at the end of the internship. This will be also counted as an experience in Germany and it helps a lot to find a job in Germany.

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