If an Indian is living in Germany and the passport is about to expire, then it is possible to renew your Indian passport in Germany. It is possible to renew the passport within one year of the expiration date. The process takes approximately 6 weeks to 3 months depending on the situation. So it is better to apply as earlier as possible.

Process overview

You can find the short overview of the passport renewal process below. Each process is explained in detail in this post.

Prepare documents

Send documents

Verification in India

Receive new passport

Visa renewal in Germany

Indian Embassy and consulates in Germany

Indian Embassy and consulate are available in four cities in Germany. Your embassy or consulate will be based on your location.

Residing stateResponsible Embassy/Consulate
Embassy of India, Berlin
Consulate General of India,
North Rhine-Westphalia
Consulate General of India,
Consulate General of India,

Creating an account

This detailed step by step process is based on the application form from the Consulate General of India,
Munich. The process in other Indian Embassy or Consulate will be also similar to this.

To apply for the passport renewal, it is necessary to create an account on the “Passport Seva at Indian Embassies and Consulates” website.

Link: https://portal3.passportindia.gov.in/Online/index.html (This link may subject to change. So kindly check the above-mentioned consulate/embassy website for the actual link)

If the above-mentioned link is invalid, type the embassy or consulate name in the search engine to find the valid link. You have to mention the following details for the registration.

  • Embassy/Consulate
  • Given Name (First Name)
  • Surname (Last Name or Family Name)
  • Date of Birth
  • E-mail Id
  • Do you want your Login Id to be same as E-mail Id?
  • Login Id
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Hint Question
  • Hint Answer

Do you want your Login Id to be same as E-mail Id? – You can choose whether you want to have the email id login details which you have provided as your login id or some other user id.

Complete registration

Once you have completed the registration, you will receive an email at the registered email address.

  • You have to click the link to activate the account.
  • By clicking the link, it redirects to a page.
  • There you have to mention your user id which you have mentioned at the above step.
  • Click activate.

Once it is activated, you will receive an email stating “Congratulation! Your registered account has been activated successfully!!”. The login id and date of birth was also mentioned in the email.

Saving the application

I would suggest to you save after completing every step. By clicking save, you can see the following message.

  • Your application form has been saved successfully
  • Your Application Reference Number is : **-**********

It is possible to save the application and proceed later. You can find the partially-filled application at the bottom after logging in. Every time while editing the saved form, it is necessary to select the “yes or no” on step 2 to proceed further.

Applying passport online

To apply for the passport renewal, select the correct category. For example,

  • Apply for Ordinary Passport – Application for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport (Blue cover passport)
  • Apply for Diplomatic/Official Passport – Application for Diplomatic/Official Passport (Maroon/Grey cover passport).

This post is based on the passport type “Apply for Diplomatic/Official Passport – Application for Diplomatic/Official Passport (Maroon/Grey cover passport)”.

Step 1 – Passport type

First step is to select the passport type.

  1. Applying for
    • Fresh Passport
    • Re-issue of Passport

As this is the passport renewal, you should choose “Re-issue of Passport”. You have to select on of the below reasons. If you would like to change details on the passport, then you have to select “Change In Existing Personal Particulars” and select one of the below-mentioned reason.

  • Change In Existing Personal Particulars
    • Given Name
    • Address
    • Spouse Name
    • Signature
    • Delete Ecr
    • Appearance
    • Date Of Birth
    • Surname
    • Others
  • Validity Expired Within 3 Years/Due To Expire
  • Exhaustion Of Pages
  • Damaged Passport
  • Lost Passport
  • Validity Expired More Than 3 Years Ago
  1. Type of Application
    • Normal
    • Tatkaal
  1. Type of Passport Booklet
    • 36 Pages
    • 60 Pages

In geenral,

  • normal application is enough. In case of emergency, you can apply tatkal.
  • 36 pages are enough unless or otherwise, you travel very often.
Indian passport renewal in Germany - Application process in detail

Step 2 – Applicant Details

You have to enter your personal details.

  • Given Name
  • Surname**
  • Gender
  • Have you ever been known by other names (aliases)?
  • Have you ever changed your name?
  • Date Of Birth
  • Place of Birth (Village/Town/City)
  • Is your Place of Birth out of India?
  • State/UT
  • District
  • Marital Status
  • Citizenship of India by
    • Registration/ Naturalization
    • Descent
    • Birth
  • PAN (if available)**
  • Voter Id (if available)**
  • Employment Type
  • Educational qualification
  • Is either of your parent (in case of minor)/spouse, a government servant?
  • Is applicant eligible for Non-ECR category?
  • Visible distinguishing mark**
  • Aadhaar Number (if available)**

** – These are not mandatory fields to fill.

Select “I Agree” and then click next.

Indian passport renewal in Germany - Application process in detail

Step 3 – Family Details

It is mandatory to mention tleast one name among the father, mother or legal guardian names.

  • Father’s Given Name (First Name + Middle Name)
  • Father’s Surname
  • Mother’s Given Name (First Name + Middle Name)
  • Mother’s Surname
  • Legal Guardian’s Given Name (If applicable)
  • Legal Guardian’s Surname

If the marital status is selected as “Married” in step 2, it is mandatory to provide the spouse name. For deleting the spouse name from the Passport, it’s necessary to select marital status as no or not married.

  • Spouse’s Given Name
  • Spouse’s Surname

Not all the fields are mandatory. You can add Father’s Given Name or Mother’s Given Name and the Spouse’s Given Name, which is a mandatory field.


You will see a pop-up with the following information.


Presence of applicant is not mandatory at the Indian address.
Indian passport renewal in Germany - Application process in detail

Step 4 – Applicant Address Details

You can see the below details at the fourth step.

Passport Printable Address Details

Note:Proof of address must be submitted along with the application form if the same is different from the address printed in the previous/latest held passport.
In case you are specifying a foreign address - please refer to the website of the relevant Embassy/Consulate/Outsourced Service Provider (OSP) to check your eligibility (and list of required supporting documents) to get foreign address printed on the passport.
It is mandatory to provide one Indian address in the form for police verification. You can give your parent’s or relatives Indian address in case residing outside India.
  • Is your passport printable address out of India? – You should select “No” if you want to have an Indian address in the passport.
  • Country
  • Address Line 1 (House No. and Street Name)
  • Address Line 2 (Village/Town/City etc.)
  • Address Line 3 (ZIP code and Country etc.)
  • Telephone Number
  • Mobile Number (Add the mobile number with ISD code like 0049 for Germany)
  • E-mail Id
Other Address Details
  • Is your other address out of India? – You should select “Yes”
  • House No. and Street Name*
  • Village/Town/City*
  • State/UT*
  • District*
  • Police Station
    • If you do not know your Police Station, click “know your Police Station” and add the necessary details to find the correct one.
  • PIN Code
  • Mobile Number (Add the mobile number with the ISD code like 0091 for India)
  • Telephone Number
  • You may see the below warning message. If you have selected “Is your passport printable address out of India?” as Yes.


Do you have required supporting documents which make you eligible for printing a foreign address on the Passport?
If No – please opt for printing your Indian address on the Passport by clicking “No – I want to specify my Indian address as Passport Printable Address”.
Else, click “Yes – I am eligible for printing the specified foreign address on Passport” to continue.
  • You may see the below warning message. If you have selected “Is your passport printable address out of India?” as No.


Is your passport printable address exactly similar to the Indian address printed on the previous (i.e. Latest held ordinary passport) passport?
If not – do you have valid address proofs for the new address?

You should select “No change in Address/I have valid Address proof” from the above warning message to have the same address in your passport.

Indian passport renewal in Germany - Application process in detail

Step 5 – Emergency Contact

  • Name and Address:
  • Mobile Number:
  • Email:
  • Telephone Number:
Indian passport renewal in Germany - Application process in detail

Step 6 – Previous Passport Details

Enter details of latest held/existing/lost/damaged Ordinary Passport. Your passport should be dark blue cover booklet. You can find the details of first five points on your passport. Make sure that have added the correct information.

  • Passport Number:
  • Place of Issue (Village/Town/City):
  • Date of Issue (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Date of Expiry (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • File Number:
  • Details of Previous/Current Diplomatic/Official Passport:**
    • Details Available
    • Details Not Available / Never Held Diplomatic/Official Passport
  • Have you ever applied for passport, but not issued? :
    • Yes
    • No

** – Select “details not available” if you have never owned any other passport apart from dark blue covered passport.

Indian passport renewal in Germany - Application process in detail

Step 7 – Other Details

You should answer “Yes or No” for the few questions which are available in this section.

1) Provide the following details if there are any criminal proceedings pending against the applicant.
1.1) Are any proceedings in respect of an offence alleged to have been committed by you pending before a criminal court in India?*
1.2) Has any warrant or summons for your appearance been issued and pending before a court under any law for the time being in force? *
1.3) Has a warrant for your arrest been issued by a court under any law for the time being in force? *
1.4) Has an order prohibiting your departure from India been made by any court? *
2) Provide the following details if the applicant has been convicted by a court in India.
2.1) Have you at any time during the period of five years immediately preceding the date of this application been convicted by a court in India for any offence involving moral turpitude and sentenced in respect thereof to imprisonment for not less than two years?*
3) Provide the following details if the applicant has been refused/denied passport.
3.1) Have you ever been refused/denied passport? *
3.2) Has your passport ever been impounded?*
3.3) Has your passport ever been revoked?*
4) Provide the following details if applicant has applied for or been granted foreign citizenship.
4.1) Have you ever applied for or been granted citizenship by any other country?*
4.2) Have you ever held the passport of any other country at any time?*
4.3) Have you ever surrendered your Indian passport?*
4.4) Have you ever applied for renunciation of Indian citizenship?*
5) Provide the following details if applicant has returned to India on Emergency Certificate.
5.1) Have you ever returned to India on Emergency Certificate (EC)?*
5.2) Have you ever been deported from any country?*
5.3) Have you ever been repatriated from any country back to India?*

Step 8 – Passport Preview

In this section, you can see the preview of your passport’s front and back pages. Check each and every detail, because this information will be printed on your passport as shown below.

You should check the following details on the front side of your passport preview.

  • Type: P
  • CountryCode – IND
  • PassportNo.
  • Surname
  • Given Name(s)
  • Nationality – INDIAN
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Place of Issue**
  • Date of Issue**
  • Date of Expiry**

You should check the following details on the back side of your passport preview.

  • Name of Father/Legal Guardian
  • Name of Mother
  • Name of Spouse
  • Address
  • PIN
  • Old Passport No with Date and Place of Issue
  • File No.**

** – These fields will not be filled and left blank. Other fileds contains you personal information.

By clicking next, you will see the following message.


Please validate Passport Preview details carefully before proceeding further. Press OK to continue, or Press Passport Preview to go back and validate/make corrections in Passport Printable details.
  • Click “Ok” on the pop-up to proceed to the next step.
Indian passport renewal in Germany - Application process in detail
Step 8 – Passport Preview

Step 9 – Passport details verification

This is the final step of filling the application form. You can make sure that all your inputs are correct. If there are any changes, you can go back and correct the data. If the input is correct, then you can click “I agree” and also add the current location “Place” and submit the form.

You will see the below message while submitting the document.

  • Click “No – Need to validate/Edit”, if you would like to check the details again.
  • Click “Yes – All details are correct”, if you have already checked and the input is correct.


Please validate all the application form details displayed in this page carefully before proceeding further. You will not be able to make changes in the same after submission of the online application form.


Once you have submitted the form, it shows the below information.

  • Your application form has been submitted successfully.
  • Your Application Reference Number is : **-**********

Printing the application

You can print your application form from the portal. Login to the portal and select the form from the bottom of the page. Once you have selected it, it shows the option to print the application form and also to track your application.

Printing the application form is possible only till your application is in process. Once the application was accepted by the embassy or consulate, you can’t print them anymore.


It is better to print the application as “actual size” instead of “fit or shrink oversized pages”. If you could not print the document correctly, then you can choose to fit or shrink oversized pages.

Application Status

Once you have submitted the passport application, you can see the status as “Passport application form has been submitted”. You can track the application status on the website by logging in.

Fees transfer

It is necessary to transfer the fee before sending the application form. You should also send the fee receipt with the documents. Kindly check the latest fee from the official website.

Photos for passport renewal

You can take photos by yourself and print them by yourself which costs approximately 30 cents. Read the below post for the details.

Passport and visa photos for 30 cents in Germany
Passport and visa photos for 30 cents in Germany

Passport renewal procedure

Read about the “4 simple steps to renew an Indian passport in Germany” by clicking the image below.

Once you have prepared all the necessary documents you can send the post. Read the post which is mentioned under “Passport renewal procedure” for detailed information.


The postal stamp looks less like below. It could be also different.

Verification in India

If your passport application is accepted, there will be a verification process in India. Your family members could submit that and it is not necessary for you to be in India. It is important to have some documents as proof in India.

  • Aadhar card of the applicant
  • Birth certificate (if applicable)
  • Photo (you can use the same which you used in application form)

The police come to your house and you can show or submit the documents. The process in India varies based on the state and also the city.

New passport

Once the verification is done in India, you will receive the new passport in approximately 2 to 3 weeks per post. The duration may vary based on the location. Sometimes you will receive your new passport without verification in India.

You can see that by tracking your application. If you see the following status then you will receive your passport.

Your passport has been printed and being forwarded to Embassy/Consulate. The Embassy/Consulate will contact you once they receive the passport for dispatch.

Passport renewal application status - Printing

Visa renewal in Germany

Once you have received your new passport, it is necessary to renew/change your visa, blue card, or permanent residence. Kindly check with the local foreign office for the documents you should submit along with the new passport.

Checklist for the passport renewal

Below is the checklist for the passport renewal.

  • Print the passport application form (two signature in the application form)
  • One copy of the front and last page of the passport
  • One copy of Visa, Aufenthaltstitel, or Niederlassungserlaubnis (Residence permit)
  • One copy of city registration (Meldebescheinigung)
  • One copy of payment evidence (Receipt of fee)
  • Two recent passport photos
  • Original Passport
  • Medium size envelope
  • Writing a cover letter

Check the latest checklist from the embassy or consulate website. Here are the direct links.


Kindly consider this post as a guide and refer to the embassy or consulate website for recent information.


The information text and the details are from the Indian Consulate Munich website while filling the application form.

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