On the way back to home from black forest trip, we have suddenly decided to have dinner near to some restaurants in Germany highway A8 (Bundesautobahn 8 or Autobahn 8).

I have searched for a german restaurant and navigated to that restaurant. But all of a sudden my wife found an Indian (Srilankan) restaurant. Details are mentioned below.

We thought to go there and taste the food. Since we are also doing YouTube video (our YouTube channel: Travel Meets The Nature), we have decided to shoot a video there.


We have published a video about this restaurant. Watch this video and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Show this video in the restaurant to avail offer for the group of 3 persons or more.

There was a German family and they were talking positively about the foods they had. At that time I thought that the food will be as usual in many other Indian restaurants but it could be special for Germans.

But my thought was not true. The foods were really very very tasty. Meanwhile, I have also visited again in one month,


We have ordered 2 drinks.

  1. Srilankan chai
  2. Mango lassi

The tea (SriLankan chai) was well mixed with the correct proportion of tea decoction, ginger and cardamom.

The mango lassi tasted very good and we have an impression like this mango lassi was made of real mango. Due to its yummy taste, we have finished our drinks within a minute and ordered a second mango lassi.


We have ordered 3 foods.

  1. Lamb Kottu Roti (Parotta)
  2. Roti (Parotta)
  3. Lamb curry (German: Lamm Curry)

Masala (curry) used for preparation

The foods are so tasty and we have never tasted this much tastiest Indian food in Germany. We were really eager to know about the masala they have used for the preparation. We have asked the owner about the speices. They said that they use only the homemade speices which they prepare it in Srilanka.

Real homemade food

Actually the owner and his wife were in the kitchen and cooked for us. This restaurant is run by a family and they prepare like a homemade food which is without any additives or extra aroma.

Our opinion

We highly recommend this restaurant for anyone who loves Indian food or Srilankan food.

Restaurant Info

Food truck & Party service

They have also a food truck with which they drive to nearby markets (eg. market in Karlsruhe). They are also taking orders for any kind of functions. Kindly contact the restaurant for more details.


Since it was a late evening I have parked our car in the main street, where we don’t have to pay for the parking. I have parked my car inform of the hotel when I went for the second time.

Kindly check the parking details before parking or contact the hotel to get the necessary information.

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