Drying wet or washed clothes (laundry) is one of the most challenging tasks in cold countries, especially during the winter or rainy days. So, most of us dry the clothes inside the house and it’s unavoidable to dry the clothes inside the house either due to the outside weather or non-availability of space. It is also unavoidable for the students who are living in a shared accommodation.

Are we aware of the consequence and also its impact on our health as well as on the house?

I will explain the common issues due to drying clothes inside the house and also the possible remedies.

Health issue

The quality of the fresh air reduces while drying clothes inside the house. The air inside the room will not be fresh. The air will be suffocated and you can’t breathe fresh air.

Nose bleed

The air will be too dry while drying laundry inside the house. It can also happen that some adults or kids facing nose bleeding. It could be also because of the dry air inside the house or room. So it is necessary to ventilate frequently.

You can also use a humidifier to overcome this issue. A humidifier helps to maintain a certain level of moisture in a room but there is a possibility of having molud issues because of using the humidifier. So get a clear idea before buying the humidifier

With timer
APP & Alexa control, Auto & Schlaf mode
With remote


If your house has a bad odor because of drying laundry inside the house, you can also use the diffuser. In my opinion, a humidifier is better than a diffuser because most of the diffusers are with lights which will not be pleasant to sleep and also the odor from the diffuser may disturb your sleep.

Mould issues

One of the costliest issues which can happen to the house is the mould issue. There are also many health issues due to moulds. You can read more about the following points from the below post.

  • What is mould?
  • Reason for mould
  • How to find it?
  • Places where it occurs in the house
  • Precautionary measures
  • Remedy for mould
  • Repairing the basic moulds

Drying laundry in a room

It is important to consider the humidity and indoor climate in your home. It is good to avoid drying laundry in a living room or bedroom. Especially it is good to do avoid drying laundry in a bedroom at night.

If you do not have any other option than drying in a bedroom, I would suggest washing the laundry early in the morning and drying during the days. Once it is dried, keep it in the wardrobe and ventilate the room for at least 15 minutes. This will let the fresh air flow inside and also take the odor from the clothes. It gives you peaceful and safe sleep.

Open windows

If you have a separate room to dry your clothes, it is good to open the windows for some time even if it is too cold outside. It will reduce the smells from the detergent or after wash. You can feel the difference in the air inside the room.

If you have a balcony in your house, you can keep the laundry outside for some time and then keep it inside for drying. It will reduce the smell from the detergent or after wash. I would suggest buying a suitable foldable laundry drying stand for drying the clothes.

Space between clothes

To dry the clothes within short time, it is good to have spaces between the clothes. This will help the air to flow which dries the clothes well. It is also good to change the sides often so that the wet side will be placed up.

Extra spinning

It is quite good to have more spin in the washing machine during the winter or rainy days. More spin at the end will dry your laundry and it does not take much time for drying inside the house. So, it is important to consider buying a washing machine with a high spinning option or high rpm.


One of the easiest ways to dry your laundry is by using the clothes dryer. But it needs space in your house and also it is quite costly. In some apartments or in the student hostels, there will be the availability of a dryer. So use it during the cold weather.

Portable Heated Drying Rack

There are also portable heated drying racks available in the market. You can keep this inside the home, like bathroom or living room and dry it. It is quite compact and you can save more space and money comparing to the washing dryer. There are different types available. I would suggest to choose the one with which you can dry more dresses at a single time.

My experience

As a student

When I was a student, I have used the dryer which was available in the student hostel. I was also staying in a shared accommodation where I had no dryer. In that case, I usually wash in the morning and dry inside the room. I used to open the window often for fresh air circulation.

In an apartment

Since I have extra room and also a balcony, it is quite comfortable for me. I used to wash many clothes in a single day and hang it in the clothes drying rack on the balcony for few hours. Then I used to keep it in a separate room and open the window by tilting it.

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