Not all jobs in Germany require German language skills. Same way, it is very common that most international students prefer the study programs in English to avoid learning the German language. But there is a big question.

Is it good to avoid learning the German language?

I will explain the importance of the German language in this post. I will also share a few of my experience of how the German language helped me to survive in Germany.

Why learning the German Language is important?

Learning the German language is very important for the people who are coming to Germany for their studies and also for working. Even though it is not mandatory for everyone to learn, below are some of the reasons why the German language is important to learn.

  • Jobs in Germany
    • Part-time job
    • Student jobs
    • Internship / Thesis
  • Communication
    • Learn culture from local people
    • Bureaucracy
    • Getting friends
    • Working with foreigners
    • House search
  • Working in other countries
  • Bargain

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Jobs in Germany

There are many international companies in Germany where you can see many employees speaking in German. On the other hand, there are also many typical German companies where the employees will not speak English.

Part-time/student jobs

If you go to restaurants, it is very difficult to find someone who can speak English fluently. Most of them speak good German and a little bit of English. So the German language helps the students to find a part-time easily in Germany.


Apart from the part-time job, the German language also helps students to get an internship. The reason is that the students can easily communicate within the team and also understand the documentation in German. Actually, the German language will give a wide range of job opportunities. Click below to know what are the advantages of doing an internship in Germany.

If you would like to play an important role in your team, the German language helps you. The reason is very simple. Germans like to speak in their native language as we do. Communication in German will be easy for most of the employees and they show more interest to speak with you which helps you to gain more information.


Apart from job, German language will be also useful for our daily communication and also to learn the culture.

Learn culture from local people

One of the best ways to learn the German culture is by interacting with the local people. That too, interacting with the old people will be helpful to know more about the German culture and the mentality of the people. You may think, what you will do by knowing the culture? If you think so, then here is the answer to why it is important to know the German culture.


The German language helps you to deal very easily with the German bureaucracy. Especially it helps us to communicate very well in important offices like foreign office, tax office, town hall, etc.

Getting friends

It is quite easy to get local friends if you can speak German. It will also helps you to get helps for the studies, jobs, etc.

Working with foreigners

Apart from this, there will be also colleagues who are from other foreign countries working in the team. There could also be the possibility that they speak only German. So German could be a common communication language.

So basically to work with international colleagues efficiently, it is always important to know about the culture and the mentality of the people. This will eliminate or reduce the misunderstanding. Especially, if we are working in Germany, there will be many German colleagues, managers, etc.

House search

The German language will also help us to find a house easily in Germany. From my experience, if the landlord can’t speak English, they mostly prefer people who speak German. Even while approaching the house owners, it is good to send an email or message in German.

Working in other countries

If you can have German skills, it is also possible to work in other countries. Below are some of the countries where people speak German.

  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxembourg


If you can speak well in German, it is quite easy to bargain in Germany. You can’t bargain everywhere but you can do it wherever it is possible.

For example,

  • You can bargain while buying a new or used car.
  • You can bargain while buying a new mobile phone.

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