I would like to share how I got my internship and job in Germany in multiple posts. I hope that this will help at least a few people who are seeking an internship or job in Germany.

In this post, I have explained the common questions which arise for almost all the international students who are studying in Germany.

Masters in Germany

Like other master aspirants, I came to Germany after finishing my bachelor studies in Aeronautical Engineering from Nehru Institue of Technology (formerly Jawaharlal Institute of Technology) affiliated with Anna University, India.

I have started my Masters in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Universität Duisburg-Essen) in 2013. I have completed my first two semester exams.

Job fair

I have read about a job fair “Car Connects” in Bochum and I have registered with my friends. I have attended a job without any pre-preparation because I was not so serious about that. That was the first-ever job fair in my life, so I haven’t dressed up formal. I just took the registration confirmation with me.

I have reached the job fair too late in the evening. There was a check for the registration. There was a very little crowd at the job fair. Even some stalls were also closed.

After reaching the job fair, I thought to clarify some doubts.

  • Importance of the German language to get an internship
  • Credits required
  • Minimum semesters to be completed
  • Who has a good opportunity for an internship – Students from Internship applied science or university students?

Discussion with HR

I got a wonderful opportunity to speak with some HRs. Actually, I was too shy to speak with them in German because my German was too bad at that time. I have also participated in a game and secured a complimentary gift. It has motivated me a lot.

After speaking with few people, I have approached a person from the company Continental and asked: “Can I ask some questions in English”. That person was very friendly and he was ready to answer all my questions.


Do we really need the German language to get an internship?

I have heard from many of my friends that the German language is very important to get an internship. I have also heard that some students have applied for hundreds of companies but they got the rejections. Just like other students, I was scared by hearing this from my friends and others who have experienced this in Germany.

How many credits or semesters should I have to finish?

Another big question for all the students who are planning to apply for an internship is “what’s the company’s requirements”. Because most of the companies don’t mention the required credits. In very few cases there will be information about the semesters.

Internship for applied science or university students?

Students from most of the applied science university have to do a mandatory internship but the internship is not mandatory for students from universities. So how will the company consider the application? Will they give importance to the students applied for science universities? There is the question which I got when I was at the job fair.


Here are the answers which I have received.

Importance of the Germany language to get an internship

It is good to have German skills but it is not mandatory. There are many international companies which accept application in English.

Credits required or semesters to be completed

In a few cases, it is good to finish most of the subject with which you gain more knowledge which might be necessary for the job. But it is not always mandatory to finish all the credits.

There is no minimum required semester for doing an internship. If a position is suitable or related to your studies, you can apply.

Who has a good opportunity for an internship – Students from Internship applied science or university students?

Applied science students might get some more priority in some exceptional cases. This doesn’t mean that the internship for the students who are studying at university is impossible. I have also done my masters in university and got my internship.

Bonus answers

I had also few other questions while speaking with the HR.

I have finished 2 semesters and completed only 17 credits. Can I apply?

I have finished 2 semesters but I got the result for only one semester. So my apply with fewer credits? I got really a positive answer which has encouraged me a lot.

Yes. I got a reply that we are allowed to apply for an internship with fewer credits.

Application document in English or Germany?

It is better to apply in English if we can’t speak in German.


If we get help from someone and prepare a good CV in the German language and can’t speak while we get an interview call, it creates a bad impression. If we apply in English, then the recruiter knows that we are familiar or fluent in English than German.

I will explain how I have applied for an internship after attending this job fair and how it helped me to get a job easily after finishing my masters in Germany in another post.