Even though there are several websites where you can find houses or rooms, searching for a house in Germany is still one of the challenging things for people who are living in Germany and also who are coming to Germany. I have recently changed house and I would like to share my experience in house hunting.


Below are the websites which I have used to find a house.


I have used the Immoscout website and found more houses. The response from the landlord is not always too fast. It took approximately one week to received a reply. But most of them replied to my request.

It is quite easy to use this website because you can bookmark the house which you like and also have access to your sent messages and the reply from the landlord.


I have used the Immowelt initially but I have stopped using it due to very little response from the landlord. I also don’t like the options or features which are not available on that website. It is not possible to see to whom I have sent a message. So it is very difficult to have an overview.

eBay Kleinanzeigen

I have rented my apartment through eBay Kleinanzeigen. The response from the landlord is quite good. Sometimes, I have received a response within 30 minutes. It speeds up the communication with the landlord to make the appointment to visit the house.

Duration to find an accommodation

It took approximately 10 days to find a house which includes contacting the house owner, visit the appointment, and make the decision. However, the total duration to search for accommodation was for approximately 16 days.

In general, I have received replies from almost everyone, except a few. I had visited a good number of houses and could able to choose the one which I like the most.


I have also faced some challenges while searching for a house. I have applied for a week and have received very less reply. It leads to frustration. But after a week, I have received replies from many people. Most of the replies are on the weekend. So I have understood that many people check it during Friday or weekends.

I have received appointments to visit the house on different days but I have contacted the landlord to get an appointment on the same day to visit multiple houses. I have also canceled some appointments due to this.

Houses in the big cities are quite difficult to get. It will be quickly rented out.

Things to do

Update profile

It is necessary to do update your online profile. Update the following things to give trust to the house owner.

  • Update profile picture (Add some good profile picture)
  • Current address
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Personal details
    • Smoker – Yes or No
    • Type of employment
    • Profession

Documents needed

  • Schufa
  • Selbstauskunft

Some landlords need Schufa and Mieterselbstauskunft documents.

  • You can apply for Schufa on this website.
  • You can download Mieterselbstauskunft online.


  • Remove your shoes outside while visiting the house.
  • Give a proper reply even if you don’t like the house and not willing to take it.


  • Don’t provide your salary details if you don’t have trust on the advertisement.
  • Don’t provide your bank details.
  • Do not book an appointment if you don’t like the place or house.
  • If you have an appointment for visiting an appointment, you should visit it. Do not ignore the appointment without informing them.
  • Do not be too late for an appointment. If you are strucked in the traffic, let them know by a short call or email.

Premium membership

In general, you can find accommodation from online websites without a premium membership. In my opinion, it is not really necessary to spend on this.

It could be also different in big cities. So check the situation in your place.


Beware of the phishing emails which you receive while searching for accommodation. The most common email which you receive states that the owner is living in some other country and willing to rent the house to you. They ask you to transfer money without any personal meeting or an appointment for visiting the house.


Never ever transfer money to someone whom you have never met personally or through your friends. In most cases, it is better to do the online transaction for the rental deposit. Some old people may prefer cash instead of online transactions, but make sure that the payment is documented with bills.

Websites to search an accommodation

You can find other websites to search an accommodation here.

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