The cold days have started in Germany. That means we need the heater at home to stay warm. The improper function of the heater may lead to high energy costs which you pay as Nebenkosten.

In order to save money and also ensure the proper working of the heater, it’s important to vent the heater. It is a quite simple process that takes approximately 2 minutes to complete.

Improper function

You can easily identify the improper function by touching the heater. If the heater is turned on and it’s not hot or part of the heater is cold, it means the heater is not working properly. You can solve these issues by yourself.

Things you need

  • Key
  • Cup or bowl
  • Cleaning cloth

You can buy the key online which costs approximately 2.30 euros.

Heizung entlüften – How to do?

Open the vent of the heater using the key. The water will drop or flow from the small vent. Get the water in a cup and pour it out. The water might be too dirty, so use the waste cup. It could be sometimes hot, so it is better not to use a plastic cup or bowl.

Vent the water for approximately 30 seconds. If you hear some sounds or the water flow is not normal, then it is good to vent till the water flows normally. Wipe the water with the cloth which has dropped on the floor or on the wall to avoid any issues.

In general, it is enough to do it for one heater at the home. But I would recommend doing it on all heaters which are at home.


If you have used the heater already, then it is good to let the heater cool down before you vent the water. Because the water might be too hot. It could sometimes damage the floor or the cup which you use to drain the water.

Living in an apartment?

If you are living in an apartment, then it is better to do this at the same time on all the houses. So that no one gets this issue. Some people in the apartment may agree to do this together. You can also contact your owner or Hausmeiser (janitor) regarding this.

Video – How it works?

Look at the below video to know how it works.

My experience

It’s not always necessary to do this. You can do this if you feel that your heater is not getting hot or not working properly. I have lived in several apartments and I never had any issues. I do this just to make sure that the heater works well during the winter.

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