Guidelines for writing a Statement Of Purpose (SOP)

It is important to submit a Statement Of Purpose (SOP) while applying to the university.

General information

It is always better to write an SOP for one page. In my experience, no one will have too much interest to read a very long SOP. So it is necessary to write crisp as possible.

First paragraph

  • Your interest in academic to do master studies
  • Reason/expectation to select this course and how it is related to your past studies (bachelor studies) or experience

Second paragraph

  • Your academic excellence
  • Explain about your interest to choose your bachelors course after 12th class
  • Relate your master’s course with bachelors course by relating some subjects
  • Mention some attention grabbing information

Third paragraph

  • Explain about the below points.
    • Internship
    • Inplant training
    • Paper presentation
    • Quiz
    • Seminars
    • Symposiums or
    • Journal publications
  • Mention about the awards which have secured

Note: If you have attended several events which are mentioned above, do not mention everything. Mention the important points which are related to your master’s studies.

Fourth paragraph

Explain your technical skills, organizational skills, result-oriented teamwork, etc.

Explain your extracurricular activities. Here are some of the examples,

  • Dance
  • Drama (theater)
  • Sports
  • Member of club

Fifth paragraph

End your SOP with a piece of information like you look forward to getting a positive reply from the university. Here are some of the sample lines which you can also add to the last paragraph.

  • Your institute has a sound research base and I would like to pursue my master’s at …………………
  • Technological edge in ……………. field …………………
  • My interest in …………….. department ……………
  • I would greatly benefit from this course and I hope that it will be a symbiotic relation.

Do’s and Dont’s


  • Write simple paragraphs
  • Write important information as points
  • Show your interest about the research activity of the university
  • Match your interest with your course
  • Write about 500 to 800 words (less as possible)
  • Proof read carefully for any mistakes like spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.


  • Do not use colour fonts
  • Do not use text highlight
  • Do not use many bold letters
  • Do not use any capital letter words
  • Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Do not seek help from the content writers (They may use the same format for many students)

It is necessary to do some brainstorming to write a good SOP. Write a draft and improve as many times as possible to make it perfect. Get help from your professors or teachers who can help you in writing the SOP.

Do not write the SOP and finish it on the same day. Read this on different days or after a break. You may get different ideas and you may also find mistakes. This will lead you to improve your SOP.

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