• Book an appointment
  • Prepare the documents
  • Submitting the documents in embassy or consulate
  • Submitting documents in Germany
  • Submitting the passport
  • Collecting the passport

Book an appointment

Booking an appointment is the first important thing which you have to do. If you do not book an appointment at the correct time, you may have to wait for a long time.

For a newly married couple

It is necessary to submit the copies of marriage certificate during the appointment. So make sure that you will get the marriage certificate at the correct time.

Preparing the documents

  • It’s necessary to have all the documents which are mentioned in the checklist.
  • Missing even a single document may lead to delay in visa approval or verification or in some cases to the rejection.
  • Verification is a time and money consuming process which takes approximately 8 to 12 weeks.

Documents from the checklist


  • Your original passport – Partner’s passport is not necessary but it is good to have if the partner is also accompanying to the visa interview.
  • In case if the partner has to enter the Embassy or consulate, it will be useful.
  • It happened to me. Read my experience in the next post.

Application form

person holding gray twist pen and white printer paper on brown wooden table
  • You can fill it online or use the pdf document to fill.
  • If you use pdf document, you can type it directly and then take a printout.
  • Do not forget to sign on the last page.

Declarations form and contact information form

Recommendation Letter

You can download these documents from the Embassy or consulate website. Fill these documents and sign them.

Personal covering letter

You should prepare a cover letter mentioning the purpose of visa and the duration of stay. You can modify any visa cover letter and submit it.

Family Reunion Visa – Sample cover letter
Family Reunion Visa – Sample cover letter

Copy of all pages of your passport and your spouse’s passport

It is necessary to take the xerox of all the pages of your passport as well as your spouse’s passport including from and back page. Do not miss a single page. Double-check after taking the xerox.


If your spouse if not with you, they can send you the scanned copy with which you can take a printout or they can send you a courier with the necessary documents.

It is also possible to send it through someone who travels from Germany to India. There are too many helping minded people who do this. Feel free to ask in any Facebook group, WhatsApp or Telegram group.

Certificate of residence (Meldebescheinigung)

Certificate of residence or Meldebescheinigung or city registration certificate should be obtained from Germany. Your spouse should get it from the Rathaus (in most of the cases).

This certificate should not be older than 6 months. If the certificate is older or if you don’t have this certificate, you can get very easily. It costs approximately 8 euros.

Copy of spouse’s residence permit (Aufenthaltstitel)

The address in the certificate of residence (above-mentioned document) and residence permit (card) should be same. You should take a printout of the Aufenthaltstitel (residence permit) or Niederlassungserlaubnis (permanent residence). It’s necessary to take a printout of both sides.

Proof of marriage

Kindly read the checklist for the detailed information. Do not forget to keep a few wedding photos with you.

Birth certificate, School certificate

  • You should submit your birth certificate and also the school leaving certificate.
  • The date of birth in your birth certificate and the school leaving certificate should be the same.
  • School leaving certificate – 12th or 10th certificate

Academic degree certificate

It is also good to submit your degree certificate- It is not mandatory but it is good to submit those documents.

Proof of German knowledge (A1 level)

The German language is not necessary for everyone but it is very good to learn. There are also exceptions for showing the proof of German knowledge.

Kindly read the link which is mentioned in the checklist.

Salary slip

It is good to have the last 3 months salary slip. If you have started your job recently, you can submit the salary slip which you have. Apart from that you can get “Arbeits und verdienstbescheinigung” from your employer and submit it.

I have also submited a letter which I got it from my HR

House contract

Even though it’s mentioned in the checklist that the lease agreement is needed only if the spouse is an EU citizen (except German citizen), I would suggest non-EU citizens (example: Indian citizens) have a copy of the house contract.

Reason: You should submit Wohnraumbescheinigungin Germany to get visa approval. Read the title “Wohnraumbescheinigung” for more details.

Biometric photos

It is mandatory to take the photos in biometric specifications. Other photos will not be accepted. So kindly refer to the specification mentioned in the Germany Embassy or Consulate website.

You should have 4 photos wich are not older than 6 months.

Fees for verification of documents

It is not necessary for a few consulates but it is necessary for few other consulates. So kindly check the latest information in the corresponding website.

Health insurance

It is necessary to get a letter from a health insurance company in Germany stating that your spouse’s health insurance covers the whole family. It is quite easy to get this letter from the health insurance by visiting them directly or contacting in phone or email.

Other documents

Below are the documents which are not mandatory for all the Embassy or consulates. There are few Embassy or Consulate which need these documents. So kindly check the latest checklist.

Based on my experience I would suggest everyone have these documents irrespective of the region. It is better to have more documents than less.

Invitation letter of spouse

You can edit any existing invitation letter with your data.

Spouse’s employment contract

Employment contract provided by the employer. It is also better to get a letter from an HR that your spouse is currently working in their company.

Spouse’s salary slips

It’s good to have last 3 months salary slips.

Wedding album

If you have a wedding album, it is also good to take along with you. If you are a newly married couple and haven’t received a wedding album, you can take some hard copies and keep it with you.

Document language

The Germany Embassy or consulate accepts the documents only in English or Germany language.

Document translation

If the document is in any other language, translate it to English and get an attestation from the notary.

You should submit the document in the original language and also the notary attested document.

Submiting the documents in German Embassy or Consulate

  • You should submit 2 sets of above-metioned documents. Kindly read the checklist for latest documents list.
  • It is also necessary to arrange it in the checklist order.
  • Do not staple the documents.

To submit the documents in the Embassy or Consulate, make sure that you reach before 45 minutes or at least 30 minutes. Sometimes you should have to go inside earlier.

In case if you arrive late due to unavoidable circumstance, feel free to approach the security personnel there and convince them. Most of the time they will allow you to attend the visa interview.

Visa fees

Most of the consulate accepts only Demand Draft (DD). Look at the latest visa fees in the Embassy or Consulate website before taking a DD.

Submitting documents in Germany

Once you have submitted all the documents in India. Your spouse will receive a letter or email from the Germany foreign office to submit a few documents. One of the document is wohnraumbescheinigung.

Wohnraumbescheinigung should be filled by the house owner and your spouse should get verified from the Rathaus and submit it in the foreign office. The process may differ based on the region and location.


Wohnraumbescheinigung is proof which shows you and your family have sufficient living space in the house or an apartment. According to the Residence Act, it is necessary to provide wohnraumbescheinigung for the purpose of issuing residence permits in the context of family reunification.

Each and every city has a different format. Kindly download the document from your foreign office website or fill the document which you get it through post.

Submitting the passport

You will receive an email to submit your passport for visa stamping. You should submit the mentioned documents in a sealed envelope as specified in the email. There might be any shop near the Embassy or Consulate (e.g. in Chennai).

Documents to be submitted

  • Your passport
  • Copy of the fee receipt
  • Copy of this approval letter
  • Proof of your intended travel date (e.g. copy of flight
  • Flight reservation (blocked ticket, flight ticket is not required)
  • Travel health insurance for 6 months from your date of travel (Copy, not original)


You should also submit the blocked flight ticket. It is possible in few websites to block the flight tickets for free.

Collecting the passport

You can collect the passport only on the mentioned days during the mentioned time. So make sure that you are there at the correct time.


  • Kindly consider this post as the guidance and check the German Embassy or Consulate website for the latest information.
  • Keep all the original documents for verification purposes.
  • Go with your friends or relatives so that you can give all your belongings while you are attending the interview.
  • A mobile phone is not allowed. So do not take it with you and do not keep the wedding photos on the mobile phone to show.

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