There are several ways to search for an internship.

  • Searching in websites (Click here for the websites list)
  • Searching in DAAD website
  • Company’s website
  • Department notice board in your University
  • Job fair (Jobmesse)
  • Reference through a friend or someone else

Searching in the job search portal

Searching for an internship in the job search portals are very common. Apart from the one can also search for an internship on the DAAD website and also the company’s website directly. Big companies will usually recruit hundreds or thousands of students per year.

Department notice board

It is also possible to find internship opportunities in the department notice board in the university. Most of the universities in Germany work together with companies. So they will publish the job or internship positions there. Sometimes it will be also possible to find it in the library. It mostly depends on the university.

Job fair

The job fair is one of the best places to get good exposure to internships and jobs. You can meet many recruiters and also the technical persons there. I went to a job fair and it has totally changed my perspective and let me get an internship within 4 days of application. Later I will write about my experience in detail.

Reference through a friend or someone else

If there is a vacancy if your friend’s company, they can even refer to you. This is possible in many companies. If your friends of friends are working in that company, you can approach through your friends.

If you don’t know someone in that company and you are just contacting them in social media, you should be really careful that you are not disturbing them.

Best time to apply for an internship

Even though internships are available throughout the year, there are a few months to get more opportunities. It could be divided as summer intake and winter intake.

  • Intake will be on starting of March – Job will be posted in November and December
  • Intake will be on mid of April – Job will be posted in January
  • Intake will be on starting of September – Job will be posted in May and June
  • Intake will be on mid of October – Jobs will be posted in November and December

Most of the big companies recruit hundreds of students in these two intakes. It is the best time to get an internship.

Application documents

Resume and cover letter plays an important role to get an internship. It is very important to prepare an unique cover letter and a resume.

Apart from your resume and cover letter, other course certificates and extracurricular activities also gives a very good impression for the recruiter. Germany visa with a work permit (Aufentshaltstitel or Fictionsbescheinigung and Zusatzblatt) should be submitted if required.

Preparing for an interview

Normally, for an internship, the recruiter will not expect deep knowledge from you. They expect only basic knowledge. In a few companies, the scenario is totally different. The recruiter may expect deep knowledge from you.

It is better to prepare all the project which you have mentioned in your resume. Apart from this, it is also important to have a basic idea about the position which you have applied.

If you are not well versed with German, but you want to apply in German, it is better to mention the level of your German knowledge in a resume or cover letter.

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