I heard from my friends and also I read on social media that the people are seeking information regarding the family reunion visa for the students. The number of people is seeking this information is increased drastically in 1 or 2 years. I want to share the experience of my friend who came to Germany with her family. I will explain the process in this post and I have shared my friend’s experience in another post.

There are a few reasons why people are looking for information regarding the family reunion visa for the students.

  • Students who are in Germany getting married.
  • Working Professionals from other countries planning to migrate to Germany by studying for a master’s in Germany and bring their families.
  • Spouse is coming to Germany for studies, etc.

Type of Visa

The person who is coming to Germany for their studies should apply for a student visa. Their family member should apply for a family reunion/spouse visa. Both the visa are coming under the category of German National Visa.

Blocked account

It is necessary to deposit the amount in a blocked amount (Sperrkonto) for the family members too. The amount is exactly the same for the spouse as for the students and for the kids, it’s 250 euros. I don’t know till what age it is applicable

The amount to be deposited in the blocked account for one year for the students and also the spouse is 10322 euros per person from 01.01.2021. That means 861 euros per month for a person. The students and their partner together can withdraw or use 1722 euros (861*2) per month.

This amount subjects to change. So kindly look at the latest information from the “Auswärtiges-Amt” website. It is allowed to deposit more amount than the minimum required amount but not too less than the minimum required amount.

Health insurance

If your spouse has public health insurance in Germany, then it covers the entire family. There is no other extra private insurance necessary for the spouse or children.

For example, if the student has AOK public health insurance then their partner and children don’t need any other private insurance.

Visa process

It’s important to submit the documents which are mentioned in the checklist. It’s also necessary to submit the spouse’s university admission letter. In my opinion, semester registration will also help the students who are already in Germany. Check this with the embassy or consulate.

Visa interview

A Visa interview is similar to a family reunion visa. You can read in detail about this in my other post regarding “Family reunion visa – complete information”.

There are possibilities to get an email for verification purposes. In that case, it might be necessary to submit the documents like,

  • Birth certificate for the child
  • Marriage certificate
  • Wedding photos
  • Wedding invitation
  • Proof of the witness person who signed during the marriage

The above-mentioned documents should be submitted as the original document. It can take approximately 3 months to get the visa for the family.

Process in Germany

The process which you have to follow in Germany is the same as the students or other visa holders. The spouse and other family members will also receive tax numbers (Steuernummer).

Visa validity

Visa validity for the spouse and other family is based on the validity of the student visa.

Visa renewal

It’s necessary to renew the visa of the spouse and others like the student visa. It’s necessary to show the financial proof in the blocked account to get the visa.

Work permit for the partner

In general, the partner is allowed to do almost all kinds of work. But it’s necessary to get the residence permit and it should be mentioned as “Erwerbstätigkeit Erlaubt”. There are no restrictions on the number of days for students. That means a partner can do an internship (click here to read more), jobs in any industry, restaurants, etc.

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